The commonwealth games Netball competition is played with 2 pools of 6 teams. The selection is based on world rankings. In the preliminary round, each pool plays 5 games against other teams. If a player wins the game, he will be receiving 2 points and one point for a draw and 0 if lost. The top teams will qualify for the semifinals.

As there are medal play-offs, you can also easily determine the final location of the nations. As per the INF regulations, the results of matches that end in a draw are determined by the match place and medal.

Rules Of Netball Competition

Every game will have 12 participants with 7 players who will play in a team of minimum of 10 people. The seven positions available include goal attack (GA), Wing Attack(WA), Goal shooters(GS), Wing Defense(WD), Goal Defense (GD).  Every position and the area of play is allocated in the court. The only plays that are allowed to play include goal attack and goal snipper. These are the only 2 teams that are allowed inside the goal circle. Accept for defending and attacking the target circles, the centre will pass around all parts of the field.

Positional adjustments are usually substituted if someone is wounded.

In the netball competition, the game consists of 4 quarters of fifteen mins with a gap of 4 mins between every quarter. Twelve mins is considered to be half a time where the transition occurs every fifth. In the extra time, when a winner is required, 2 halves of the 7 mins are players with a one min interval. The ball will be caught by the players with one or both the hands, once caught they must shoot the target within 3 secs. The ball cannot be hit with the fist to gain possession of it.

The Footwork Of Netball Competition

Players can leap, collect or fall with one-foot field to catch the ball. They can move it any direction with the other foot. The pivoting foot can be raised, but the player can pass it before the foot is reground. Unless the ball is released before it lands, the teams will not be able to roll or drag the falling foot.

Scoring Of Netball Competition

When the ball is thrown completely through the ring by a goal assault or shooter, a goal is scored. If a ball passes through the ring after the whistle is blown a goal will be earned.

Penalties Of The Netball Competition

Penalties are granted for obstruction, intimidation, and contact. The penalties range from penalty pass to free pass. If it is permitted in a region, penalties can also be levied. The penalty shots are given mainly for touching, blocking and also when the defensive member forces the goal post to interact with goal attempt.

Equipment Used In The Competition

Field Of Play

The netball court is 15.25m tall and 30.5 m long. The hand axes are the wider points and the short ones are goal lines. The court is divided into 3 parts; the first is the third center and the third goal. The two goal circles measure 4.9m.


The measurement of the goal posts is 3.05m high and the metal ring is of diameter 380mm. These goal posts are usually white in colour. They can be protected with padding that ranges up to 50, thickness.


In a netball competition, netball measures around 690 to 710 mm. It weighs around 400 to 450g. It is made of rubber and leather.

Now, as you are aware of the details about the netball competition, don’t miss to rock the pitch with a great performance.