There are many reasons to choose alpaca fleece as your bedding. It is a luxurious natural filling with superb temperature control and perfect softness. The fibre of the alpaca fleece is both durable and soft, with a higher strength of tensile. When you want a great sleep experience, the alpaca quilt is the best choice all-year-round. It can keep you warm during the winter and cool in the summers.


Why Is It Special?

One of the lightest and strongest materials out there is the alpaca fleece. This wool is undoubtedly a unique fibre because it is lighter than the wool of a sheep and equally soft like cashmere. The alpaca wool offers a lot of benefits, which is why it is bedding to have now.


Natural Temperature Control

Alpacas usually live in the Andean region that is known to have vast temperature differences. The animal deals with these weather conditions, wherein the fleece has developed and acts as a natural thermal regulator. This benefits us through their fleece.


During the nighttime, the human body temperature has a tendency to be irregular. Night sweats and overheating can happen, particularly for people who have a higher metabolic rate or are experiencing menopause. These factors can result in a lack of sleep.


Considering that the alpaca quilt has hollow fibres, you will feel cooler under it at night. This is because the air particles and water molecules can pass through the fibres easily, which prevents humidity and moisture from developing; thus, minimizing the amount of heat you trap next to your body.


At the same time, the alpaca fleece has the ability to keep the heat next to your skin as the temperature starts to drop at night. The quilt is not heavy at all but rather adaptable to the temperature. As a result, it produces the right temperature to help improve your sleep.


Retardant to Dust, Moisture, and Fire

Compared to other natural fibres that typically absorb moisture, the alpaca fabric wicks moisture away. For this, the humidity level around the body is lower, which eliminates unpleasant smells to set in.


Other qualities that make alpaca fleece a popular bedding choice is that it is flame-resistant and hypo-allergenic. It does not trigger an allergy or asthma attack, unlike other man-made fibres like nylon and polyester. Quilts made from alpaca will provide you with high levels of safety, comfort, and hygiene. It is both functional and lavish.


Good for The Environment

With alpaca fleece, you know that it originates from a sustainable source and completely biodegradable. The fleece undergoes a shearing process, which means they sheared from the alpaca, and they are able to grow again after a few months. In other words, the process is not harmful and painful for the animals.


Typically, alpaca grows up to six inches of fleece every year, and about 1-3 alpaca can make one quilt in a single shearing. In the case of goats, for example, you would need at least 15 of them to make the same sized quilt. It reduces the deforestation and methane that are generated during production, so less impact on the environment. The fibres also break down naturally and do not use a lot of space in the landfills.


When it comes to bed coverings, the alpaca quilt makes a perfect choice. If you are looking for comfort, quality, durability, luxury, and friendly to the environment, look no further than alpaca fleece.