Have you ever over plucked your eyebrows? Perhaps waxed them off a little too much than expected! You know it is tough to get back your brows to normal in such instances. It takes a lot of patience to wait upon the sprouts and tolerate the awkward grow-out phase. It is just crazy! This is because no matter the efforts you put into the tweezers’ use, some of the baldness you get may never get regrowth. But you can still sort it through eyebrows transplant, a permanent surgical procedure that can help you regain the eyebrows hair.

You need to note that cosmetic accidents are not the only reason your brows get thinner. Perhaps there are medical reasons that make your brows look sparse. The permanent solution to this is getting your eyebrow transplant.

What is an eyebrow transplant?

This is a cosmetic or plastic surgeon’s cosmetic procedure in transferring your hair from the donor site to the eyebrows. Although the methods look straightforward, there are several aspects that you should consider, like the cost, risks, and side effects.

The procedure is just like a standard hair transplant, only that now the concerned hairs are the eyebrows. The eyebrow hair graft is removed from the inches right above your ears. The surgeon will transfer the hair with its follicles as well. This helps ensure that the new hair can grow in your brows once the initially assigned hair falls off.

The surgeon will give the patient to be operated on for general anesthesia. From there, he will make a small incision at the follicle donor sites and the site of transplantation around your brows. It is as easy as that. All you need to wait for is the recovery time from there. 

Eyebrow transplant recovery

After the eyebrow transplant, the recovery period is relatively quick. You will see some scabbing around the brows just a few days after the operation. It is advisable to avoid vigorous exercises right after the surgery. It is normal to see them fall off, but the new ones should begin growing in a few months.


If you are not happy about your eyebrows’ look and want to have a permanent solution, the eyebrow transplant procedure is the best for you. The result can, however, vary for different people. Also, there are side effects that may come with cosmetic surgery though it looks like a simple procedure. It is good to be careful, seek doctors’ advice and find a reputable service provider.