The Central Coast in New South Wales is not only a mesmerizing place for nature walks, exciting adventures and cozy Central Coast accommodation. It is also a home to many markets where both locals and tourists love visiting!

If you are going on a trip to the Central Coast, you will find many list of suggestions where to go and what to do, but in this article, you are presented with three well loved markets on the Central Coast. Keep reading to know why you should also visit these marketplaces.



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Terrigal Beach Markets are held every first Saturday of the month. It happens on the Terrigal Esplanade which is right next to the beach. You will be welcomed by stalls that count around 40. 

The Terrigal Beach Markets give you an opportunity to support local makers! It would be a very awesome experience and remembrance to take home products made by the heart of the Central Coast which is its locals. Your eyes will be merry and full seeing a lot of stores selling various products — from clothes and jewelry the candles and soaps. There are so many items you can happily take home.

Moreover, you can relax with live music in the Terrigal Beach Markets because local artists and musicians are also present. Craftsmen and designers are truly appreciated. Boutique shopping will definitely be loved by the ladies, and the gentleman also have cool selections of purchases made for them! 

What’s really exciting and comfortable about Terrigal Beach Markets is that the stalls are situated right beside the beach. While shopping and choosing what you want, you can refreshingly stare at the clear sky and calming sea!

The Terrigal Beach Markets is open from 9:00 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. You could spend all day picking your goodies from numerous choices and it would be best if you are staying in a nearby Central Coast accommodation. Also, that makes you maximize your time yet be not pressured.



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A market held every week on the Central Coast is The Entrance Market. It not only provides amazing deals of products but also lets visitors be entertained and socialize like they are just at home!

The Entrance Market is open every Saturday but not on weekends and weekdays with events. Located in the Memorial Park, The Entrance Market contains around 25 stalls. You can buy products not only for you but also for pets. Indulge in luscious Central Coast food in The Entrance Market.

It is an ideal location for your family bond and buy presents for each other. There are also attractions for kids and adults and fun rides to enjoy.



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The Greedy Guts Markets is open every second Friday of the month. It is held in the Florida Beach Bar. This is a perfect place to have a good time with your loved ones. 

Captivating sights, great sounds and irresistible tastes are your goodies when you go to Greedy Guts Markets! There is an abundant selection of delicious plated meals and street foods. Burger, paella tacos and many more snack favorites can be found there. Not only Australian food but also food from other countries such as the Philippines can be enjoyed there.

Some market nights are tagged with particular themes which make the full market even more creative. Since the Greedy Guts Markets is mainly for evening fun, it is open from 5:30 in the afternoon until 9 in the evening.




Don’t miss the chance to visit these lovely markets on the Central Coast. Bring home remembrances because they cannot be gotten from any other portion of the globe. Take note of their market schedules so you know when you can plan to go.



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