Every business is online in today’s era. Mobile app development is in trend worldwide. As everyone is living busy lives, so services available on a fingertip is what they all need. This is the main reason for the success of the on-demand industry. Gojek was first introduced as an on-demand ride-hailing app, but after analyzing the need and demand of all other on-demand services, they have integrated all these services into one application. Gojek clone app includes all the services like taxi, bike ride, car rental, food delivery, grocery delivery, courier services, doctor. Any services you wish can be included in this application.

Earlier entrepreneurs and businesses have to invest time and money in separate app development, but now with this one application, you can offer a lot of services with just one application. It is cost-effective.

Features of Go-Jek Clone Script

Scheduled Booking: Using this application customer can schedule the taxi, delivery, or services as per their convenience. This application ensures the smooth functioning of business booking operations.

Digital Payment: This application also has a secured payment gateway, that allows the user to make payments digitally. The system has all the advanced payment modes like cash, credit card/debit card, UPI, E-Wallets.

Added Language: With wide language support this ensures your application can be operated globally with ease. 


This type of application is in demand, all in one app has attracted a lot of businesses, They can offer a lot of services with just one application. This kind of app development is time-consuming if you start from scratch. Make sure you invest in a trusted mobile app development company for these kinds of specialized mobile applications.