Goodyear tyre launched its new set of tyres which have a unique property of self-generating themselves using a biodegradable capsule that is liquid in its consistency placed in the wheel’s centre. This helps in the recharging of the tyre’s tread.

The tyres Exhall was initially made to be launched at the motor show in Geneva in 2020. However, the corona pandemic led to the cancellation of the event. This did not deter the intentions of the brand to reveal their latest innovation named reCharge. These tyres Holbrooks are unique as they regenerate their tyre tread using these capsules comprising of liquid biodegradable material. This concept has caught the attention of many in the market as well as the customers. The technology would have a tread that is biodegradable that could generate itself again given the magic liquid-like compound manufactured from a biological substance and placed with fibres imitated by the silk of a spider. This happens to be the most potent natural substance produced in the world. The drivers from all across the globe have an opportunity of recharging their car tyres by putting a liquid capsule in the wheel’s centre.

The tyre concept is currently simply an idea put forward infront of the world, not having been invented by the firm based in the United States. It is not known if it will ever be produced; however, the brand had the intention of showcasing the idea in the motor show that was to be organised in Geneva this year. As the fear of coronavirus gained popularity, with a substantial number of people getting infected world over. Goodyear has insisted on a Livestream of the project to let people know of the concept that is currently in the ideation stage. As the tread of a tyre starts wearing, the layer on the outside that is hard starts becoming thin. This permits the oxygen level in the air to enter the outermost layer, ultimately coming in contact with the liquid substance that gets released by the capsule. The oxygen in the air hardens the compound, and the outermost layer that had worn out is replaced gradually with a fresh layer.

The company representatives wish to make their tyres very powerful and help catering to all the issues as well as answers of the consumers looking to satisfy their needs of mobility. This was the base motive of the brand to develop this idea and share the concept of this tyre to pivot the future of the automobile industry. This concept is a convenient and personalised model to enable mobility electrically. The tyre does not compromise, is sustainable, customised offering hassle-free mobility electrically. The experts working on the concept suggest that a non-pneumatic, light-weight frame would assist the tyre’s tread with a narrow and tall shape. Amongst the many claims, one is that the tyre would make the process of monitoring the tyre pressure and having punctures fixed look old.

Goodyear is known for producing tyres that display record-breaking unique concepts and technology. Previously, they also announced another idea of a tyre that would be constructed from moss. They claimed that the covering of the wheel would help convert the carbon dioxide levels to oxygen by the help of photosynthesis. Oxygene tyres would channelize the moisture from the surface of the roads to plants that would absorb the water equivalent to 26 times the weight of their own.