Marketing your company can be a real bear, especially when it comes to Google AdWords. This is where a google ad word expert is essential to succeed, as it can be very difficult to do it on your own. What is a Google AdWords expert though?

Google AdWords expert, in short is someone who gets great results, saves time and money, and it helps you grow your business. There are people who market themselves as experts, even though they have no special knowledge, skill or experience needed. The so-called expert might fool you as a good option. Therefore the need arises to know who the experts really are.

  • An AdWords Expert Lowers Your Cost per Lead/Sale by squeezing more performance out of the assigned budget. AdWords account specialists are usually an entry to mid-level role at agencies.


  • An AdWords Expert Lowers Your Cost per Click by using a variety of methods such as using negative keywords, geo-targeting, audiences, remarketing and drives the proper kind of visitors who are your perfect target audience.


  • An AdWords Expert Gets a Much Better Conversion Rate by focusing on the right customers, the right campaign, the right cost per click, the right keywords, the right ads, etc. this leads into better conversion rates.


  • An AdWords Specialist Get More Bang for your Buck: They help get you a better result than you would if you did it on your own or hired an inexperienced person, as that would have wasted a lot of money, time and resources. It takes years of training to run AdWords campaigns smoothly.


  • Most account specialists work under an account manager that directs the advertising strategy. The account manager also serves as the main point of contact for customers.


Day-to-day AdWords management work involves:

  • Doing Keyword research to find the best advertising opportunities and acting on conducted competitive analysis
  • Analyzing search query reports to and interpreting them
  • Managing bidding strategies to increase account performance
  • Writing and testing new ads