Pigeons are among the few bird species that most consider beautiful, but fact dictates that these birds carry life-threatening diseases to humans. Protect your family and home with the help of a pigeon pest control Phoenix services for safety measures.

When asked to name a few things which could be considered a nuisance, or indeed harmful to businesses and their premises, you may be forgiven for not including birds among your answers.

Most of us love birds and enjoy sharing our yard (even roof)  with them, and we do not consider them to be a pest in the normal sense of the word.

The truth, regrettably, is a significantly different matter: birds can be not only a nuisance but an actual threat to health in some cases, a threat that sometimes has to be dealt with quite firmly.

Some species of birds, especially pigeons, are well-known for their nuisance-factor. they can be noisy and gather in large numbers in locations where the results of their defecation can result in extremely unhygienic conditions developing.

In commercial properties, the problem is even more significant and potentially hazardous. This is particularly true in those areas where food is prepared, stored or processed.

It is said that a single pigeon can produce an extraordinary amount of excrement in a single week. That sounds like a lot of pigeon poo but, the substance in question is corrosive and therefore can be harmful to buildings, as well as carrying diseases that can be passed on through the food chain and so the need for action is fairly well established.

The question is, how should it be done? No one likes to kill birds deliberately and the first piece of advice to be given is that wild birds should never be fed in public places. This is advice that largely goes unheeded unless backed up by some fairly stringent legislation and an effective system of enforcement.

It’s difficult of course to reprimand, let alone prosecute children, and others giving crumbs from their cakes and sandwiches to the pigeons but you see this happening in many public places.

This is probably the level at which the problem needs to be tackled in many cases.

When it comes to protecting commercial and public buildings from bird damage there are a number of humane options available that do not involve killing the birds but shifting them on.

These methods include the installation of netting, spikes, (gentle, flexible non-metallic ones), bird repellent gels and the use of decoys to act as a deterrent. The elimination of potential nesting sites is also useful. The most important factor is not to have anything present which will attract them to your property.

These measures, coupled with a strict policy of not allowing the feeding of the birds, will be sufficient in most cases to handle the problem. If this problem affects you or your business, it may be worth discussing it with a pigeon pest control Phoenix-based company that will have all the solutions to hand and rid you of your problem at once.