If you wish to promote your brand while communicating effectively with your target audience, then personalized decals are the right choice for you.

The importance of constructive communication.

Businesses often adopt innovative means to convey desired messages to customers. Without a powerful communication system, customers remain unaware of the products and services offered by manufacturers. Communication is an important part of all marketing and advertising activities. This is because good business ideas can go unnoticed if not conveyed rightly. There are numerous factors that make communication important for businesses.

  1. Gives clarity – Clarity of information is crucial in determining what the customers need before finalizing what type of products should be offered to them. It involves asking the right questions and informing customers how those needs are tackled to give them enhanced results.
  2. Reinforcing sales – effective communication helps to maintain a direct link with customers, making it easier to educate them about the products so they purchase with ease. Sellers can also quickly address any problems the customer may have, such as attempting to figure out how to use a new product, etc. In the process, the salesperson can also lay the foundation for a long-term relationship leading to repeat sales.
  3. Implementing change. All industries are dynamic and so are customer demands. Having a clear channel of communication helps to better track these changes and plan actions accordingly. In some cases, sellers can even anticipate a change in customer requirements and be the first to address them, gaining a competitive advantage.
  4. Great for staying in touch. Brands need to constantly stay in touch with their customers otherwise, they may forget about it or convert loyalties to other brands. So, the key is to maintain some level of communication with them to keep reminding them of the effective operations of your business.
  5. Spreading the good word of mouth. Customers feel valued by regular contact and are likely to spread compliments around. Positive word of mouth is the best form of advertising that doesn’t add to costs as personal recommendations are as effective marketing tools as brochures or flyers.
  6. Giving improved after-sale-services. Customers expect services to be inclusive of after-sale periods too. Good communication between manufacturers and customers allows the latter to feel exclusive and prompts them to repeat purchases with the brand.

The best channel for communication.

Custom static cling decals are innovative promotional tools that make us of an electrostatic charge to cling to glass surfaces without the inconvenience caused by traditional stickers. These can be aptly modified to promote branding by conveying a plethora of messages to target customers. The decals can be created on vinyl film with additional add-ons in the form of die-cut shapes, optional transparent background, and custom designs. These features have made the decals extremely popular among businesses that are running on budget constraints.

Custom static cling decals

What are they used for?

Custom static cling decals are used for multiple purposes. They adhere to a range of tasks including:

  • Promotions – stores can aptly place these decals on their glass doors or windows to instantly grab customers’ attention. Custom features can be added to make these decals more interesting to read.
  • Pocket-friendly – they offer a budget-friendly solution to marketing worries. Imagine renting expensive billboards and advertising slots to communicate with customers. These decals can be placed on your shop windows that save ample marketing costs. Moreover, these decals do not take up much material, making them a convenient option to avail.
  • Seasonal demands – stores can inform customers of seasonal promotions and sales and can design the decals accordingly to suit different festivals and trends.
  • Store or party décor – customized decals look great as decoration. They beautify windows and add more value to the premise. In addition to shops, these can be used during festivities to include glamour at parties.
  • Give instructions – these decals can also be used to inform customers or the general public about the dos and don’ts on the office or shop floor. Images and creative texts have more influence than printed materials like brochures or pamphlets.

What are the qualities of static clings?

Here are just some of the reasons why static clings make great marketing tools:

  • Both front and back sides are sticky. This helps to stick them from inside the window and never lose them.
  • They are reusable. If you are using these clings as decor for an event you can simply stick them on, take them off, keep them until next time, and then stick them on again.
  • They easily stick. No need for glue or any other type of adhesive. You can simply stick them onto the glass surface and that’s it!
  • They are easy to remove and don’t leave residue behind. The problem with window stickers is that they can leave some of the adhesive residues behind. These cling decals, on the other hand, leaves no trace at all. Since they don’t require tapes or any other sticky material, you just need to peel them off.

Custom static cling decals

How to customize cling decals for your window?

It only takes a couple of minutes to order these clings from us.

Step 1: Create your design. The recommended dimensions of the designs depend on your specifications. Our in-house stylists make sure that you get your decals ideally designed.

Step 2: Order conveniently. You can easily select how many pieces you want to order as there is no minimum order quantity. So, order as much as you require.

Step 3: Receive your free samples so you can see what they’ll look like in reality.

Step 4: Feel free to coordinate with us if you want to amend your design even after receiving deliveries. We want to create a happy clientage and offer effective after-sale services too.

Altogether, get an affordable platform to present your distinguished brand image prominently. Moreover, get free delivery and free reviews of artwork by our skilled stylists while having these decals delivered in a short duration. So, appear unique and get across vital messages through delightful decals today!