In our country, dance has had a pretty long history of over 2000 years. Dancing is an art that comprises of numerous forms and exciting styles. Not to mention that it is an art that requires excellent skills and fantastic practice for sure.


Did you know this? The entire production of these services of performing arts has had a proper growth and that too at a rapid rate which contributed about 6.3% to the whole arts and culture sector.


Some jewels in the present time have actually managed to master the art of dancing in various forms and Glowdiators, a Tron dance group India, is one of them.


A Little Note OnGlowdiators


From TV shows to other reality programs, there is always some spot for entertainment and dancing styles are the best way to milk that opportunity. There are different dancing styles, such as hip-hop, bhangra, robot, ballet, Bollywood, and so much more.


Just like these fantastic dance forms, Glowdiators have been fashioning and promoting their very own excellent dance form, LED Tron dance for a very long time and we must say that they are succeeding.


In a world where not many people are familiar with the concept of Tron dance, Glowdiators have managed to gather their dance crew and create this fantastic LED Dance Group.


The group has some talented people who are especially popular for the LED Tron dancing along with some other popular items such as Punjabi Tron Bhangra and the LED Tron Michael Jackson act.


The Popularity of Tron Dance


While there are so many people in this world who are still not familiar with the more exotic and unknown dance forms, there are some people who are very much interested.


Whether it is an event or some reality TV show, there is always a place for dance acts that are unique and interesting to the people.


Here is another fact: The consumer spending on specific performing arts sectors such as theater and dance has witnessed a growth of 10% over the last 15 years.


Tron dancing is another one of the styles that are not much known to the people. However, with the perfect combination of art, entertainment, and technology, Tron dancing has managed to gather a lot of dedicated fans and followers.


In this particular dancing style, the dresses of professional dancers are decked with LED lights, which are controlled via some device. The entire act takes place in darkness that makes these LED lights glow and create a pleasing and mesmerizing illusion for the people out there.


Hire Glowdiators For Your Next Event


In the case of Glowdiators, the professional dance company India started in the year 2007, combining professional dancers from different dance styles and forms to create a mesmerizing dance group in Delhi.


Now the company performs in some of the most prestigious events and award shows along with other promotional programs, both in India and internationally as well. Whether it is for the promotion of a brand or just full-on entertainment, Glowdiators is the only name on the lips and minds of people.