Beginners always face difficulty when they have to choose from various forms of yoga available. When you come across all the names that are new to you, there occurs a sense of confusion as to what all the terms signify. Therefore, you need to have some clarity before choosing any particular yoga for your practice.

The question arises that with all that abundant knowledge, where you should start. Which could be the best yoga for beginners? Give a reading to the below-mentioned points to get acquainted with various forms of yoga.

Types of Yoga for Beginners

1. Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is all about practicing and holding each yoga pose for a few breaths. The pace is slower, so that, you learn the proper form of every yoga pose. Many yoga schools consider hatha yoga to be a gentler form of yoga, so, it is perfect for beginners who want to start their yogic journey.

2. Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga, also referred to as Vinyasa flow makes use of a smooth sequence of yoga poses in which you seamlessly flow from one yoga asana to the other without breaking the flow. It is more like a dancing yoga, where you won’t be lingering for long between the yoga poses.
The pace of the yoga style is fast enough to raise the heartbeat of yoga practitioners.

HIIT lovers or people who prefer intense yoga sessions are good to go with Vinyasa flow.

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3. Kundalini Yoga

It is different from the typical yoga forms. Yoga practitioners of Kundalini yoga perform various kriyas i.e. recurring physical exercises along with deep and intense breathwork, meditation, and singing.

The aim of practicing Kundalini yoga is to un-tap the hidden energy residing within you. It further helps you to break any internal barriers you might be holding inside your psyche. You are brought to a higher level of self-awareness.

4. Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is practiced to target focus on your deep connective tissues, tendons, and fascia. In turn, your muscles’ longevity and elasticity improve over time. You learn to calm your mind and create a balance between your physical and mental dimensions.

Your overall performance improves because of an improvement in the contraction and flexion of your muscles.

5. Restorative Yoga

Your yoga practice might not look like very intense or moving at all, but rest assured because the aim is to practice yoga comfortably. Restorative yoga is practiced to improve your bone density and to make you less prone to injury.

Those who are experiencing any physical ailment or injury can be advised to practice restorative yoga. It makes use of various props, blankets, blocks, or bolsters, so that, you can have some support for efficient yoga practice.

There is no restriction as to who can practice yoga. Rather yoga is for everyone, be it men or women, single or a group. You can even practice yoga for couples with your partner to improve your relationship by building a strong connection through practicing yoga together.

Thus, you can choose a yoga style as per your need or desired goal in mind. The quest is to stick with one yoga style until you master it perfectly before moving on to try other yoga forms. This way, you work on every aspect of your being to improve your overall wellness.

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