While purchasing the cricket equipment you must take certain points into account. If you want to avoid disappointment then you should better look at the specifications of the selected equipment. To be at the top of your team and not to regret your decision after, it is better to take the right decision on the spot. You should not overlook the fact that these cricket equipment play a vital role in your cricket team’s success. Hence, here are some guidelines and points that might help you to select the right equipment.  

Cricket Bat

Firstly, you should know what a cricket bat is and what type of wood or willow is better for it. Bats are made of two types of willows, the Kashmiri willow, and the English willow. Among these two, English willow is the better one and mostly used for leather ball cricket. But it has higher prices than Kashmiri willow. The Kashmiri willow bats are better to use for tape ball cricket. Thus, choose the bat accordingly.


Secondly, while purchasing the cricket gloves you must opt for the best gloves that provide protection and comfort. The primary and essential task of gloves is to protect the hands of the batsman. Thus, if you are a batsman then look for the best gloves which will protect your hands with fiber casing. Moreover, if you are a baller and facing 110km per hour bowling then you must buy the gloves with extra reinforced casing. Therefore, you can find the best gloves in Cricket Store Manchester at Panther Sports Ltd.


There is nothing more important than the protection of your head hence, while batting you want the best helmet to protect your head. According to the English Cricket Board, you should wear the BS compliant helmet. It goes without saying that the best Cricket Equipment in Manchester is Panther Sports Ltd.


To ensure your security and protection you need to get the best equipment. Furthermore, for excellent performance the right equipment is necessary. To get on top of the list and above the average, on the ground, the cricket equipment you choose plays an important role. Thus, to get the best you need to search the best. Therefore, Panther Sports Ltd is the best platform to get your equipment.