Ontime Sydney Towing is back with another informative discussion for its young clients and their parents. As promised, our team will keep on serving you with useful guidelines on how to keep yourself safe from roadside emergencies, along with quick as well as cheap towing services in Sydney. Learning to drive is an exciting rite of passage for the majority of the teenagers, but at the same time, it brings a lot of risks with it, as the fatality rate in road accidents is the highest among people between ages 15 and 24. It happens mostly due to the inexperience and carelessness on the teen driver’s part. Moreover, parents of teenagers also have to be extra diligent while they hand over the car’s key to their young ones. Following are the guidelines which teen drivers should always follow or else be made followed, by their parents:
  1. Avoid distractions while driving
Mobile phones are the biggest distraction while driving, therefore, they need to be turned off before taking charge as the driver. If the phone is left on for emergency calls, pulling off the road before answering or texting should be made a habit. Another distraction is loud music that needs to be put off, or sound should be lowered to a decent level.
  • Wear the seat belt
Buckling up the seat belt should be made a family rule that is never broken. By wearing a seat belt, the risk of casualty or being badly injured in a crash is cut into half. Wearing a seat belt should be made compulsion, not only for the driver but also for the passengers.
  • Do not drive after the sun sets
The driving skills and reflexes are in the process of development during the early months of driving, and they may not be ready to cope with darkness or decreased visibility. If you being a parent let your child drive after the sun sets you may end up looking for a tow truck service in Sydney.
  • Never drink and drive
Driving while being drunk is like asking for trouble, as alcohol slows down the reflexes and hurts the judgment, and you become easily prone to the accidents. Even if you are lucky enough to survive a crash, you will have to face the consequences of breaking the law, which may include a trip to jail, loss of your driving license, and many other financial penalties.
  • Avoid rash driving and over speeding
Youngblood naturally has increased adrenaline rush, which compels them to drive rashly or do over speeding. Parents must keep a strict check on their teen drivers that they do not do rash driving or over speeding.
  • Be a great role model
The younger ones always follow the footsteps of the elderly subconsciously. Therefore, being a parent set a good example, whenever you get behind the wheel by always buckling up, never driving impaired and distracted, and always following the speed limits and traffic rules. Don’t forget, parents are the key to safe teen driving. It is to be remembered that whenever a teenager gets behind the wheel, there’s always a risk of unknown. Therefore, being a responsible parent, you should keep handy the emergency helpline numbers, and also the membership of Ontime Sydney Towing, as it provides quick tow truck services in Sydney. Website: https://ontimesydneytowing.com.au/ Call Us Now: 61 2 9137 0495 Email: [email protected]