EMI Moratorium

On March, 27, Country’s apex bank RBI has announced that all the lending banks/ NBFCs and Housing Loan Companies are advised to give loan EMI moratorium to its customers for three months. Instalments, of all term loans falling between the period from the 01st March 2020 to 31st may20202, will be deferred for three months. In the time of epidemic crisis, banks should support to their customer to come out of this distressing time. It is requested that the customers having enough money, should not avail the Loan EMI Moratorium and pay to the financial institution for liquidity or to meet the demand and supply of the cash.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the loan EMI Moratorium under COVID-19 regulatory Package?

  • After RBI announcement, all the banks/ NBFCs are allowed to offer 3 months EMI moratorium.
  • Moratorium period will from 01st March 2020 to 31st May 2020.

Is it compulsory to avail the benefit of EMI moratorium?

No, it’s optional.

What to be done if customer doesn’t want EMI Moratorium?

Banks/NBFC/Financial institution will continue their normal operation for debit the EMIs for Interest or instalments or monthly scheduled payments unless client asks.

What should do if bank has already debited the EMI in spite of RBI EMI moratorium?

Moratorium is purely a choice of customer but still if EMI has been deducted from account, he can apply for moratorium facility to rend the EMI in specified period. But under Moratorium process, bank/NBFCs are allowed to levy interest payable Moratorium terms.

Who is eligible for EMI moratorium?

All the customer availed the of any retail loan or credit facility prior to 01sr March 2020 or having overdues prior to 01st March 2020.

What the customer should do to avail the benefit of the Laon EMI Moratorium?

Customer should visit the branch to apply for the benefits of the moratorium facility or can apply online on the portals of concerned bank/NBFC.

What is the process for applying loan EMI Moratorium?

  • Customer can put the request to the bank/NBFCs with complete loan details else request would not be entertained.
  • If request is submitted, no option to modify or change.

Can customer avail the EMI Moratorium facility over multiple loans from the same or other banks/NBFCs?


Will there any effect on credit rating if Moratorium facility availed?


How to apply for availing EMI moratorium for more than one loan?

Customer is advised to submit the request for each loan separately for EMI Moratorium benefit.

Is Moratorium applicable for credit cards?

Yes. Provided that customer should be regular in payments.

What is the process to vail moratorium facility for my credit card?

If customer is regular in payments, no need to inform, call, mail or message to bank for EMI moratorium, it will make the client eligible automatically.

Under Moratorium Persoid, can bank/NBFCs levy the interest?

In moratorium period, customer will have to pay Interest or minimum payment because, under moratorium, payment has been deferred not waived of the interest.

What are the customer’s obligations after Moratorium period?

All the customers will have to make clear all the due till 31st May 2020 with immediate effects with two options like minimum payment or total amount dues payment including interest.

How to apply in HDFC Bank Ltd for EMI Moratorium under COVID-19 regulatory Package

There are two options
Customers can opt in through an IVR or a digital form. Both are liveAnd once the request is submitted it cannot be changed /modified. Call on this number and follow the instructions –022-50042333, 022-50042211 OR By submitting their request in a few clicks at this link –https://apply.hdfcbank.com/vivid/afp?product=mo