The entire medical billing market is poised to reach USD 4.5 bn by the year 2023, managing a CAGR of 7.9%. The market growth is influenced by a lot of factors, primarily to reduce costs of operational expenses.

Declining nature of insurance payments, rising costs in healthcare, stringent nature of compliance are pain areas that need effective intervention from the providers. The medical billing business offers lucrative possibilities ahead for aspiring entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders who are looking to make it big in the competitive landscape.


Gotelecare extends competitive healthcare franchise opportunities

The biggest asset of Gotelecare is our ability to deliver proactive solutions in medical billing and telemedicine at the best pricing standards in the market. We look forward to working with channel partners, licensees to become a part of our family and make it big in the competitive landscape.

With a one-time sign-up amount, Gotelecare offers exceptional possibilities of growth as a dominant healthcare franchise. We do it all and deliver a no recurring expenses opportunity in installation, setting up the interface, training, and operational implementation.

As a complete healthcare franchise, Gotelecare offers excellent flexibility, consistency, and have over 100’s of clients for supporting client acquisitions for our licensees. Our team believes in working as a dedicated operational extension for our clients and offer cutting edge solutions in revenue cycle management that transpires to better cash flow for our clients.

We provide you over 100’s of references across the industry to support our licensee’s acquisition. Every licensee is assigned a dedicated lead generation specialist who will be responsible for sharing leads. You have to bring the client, and we sell it with you. Looking to know more about how we make a difference in your business profits? Schedule a demonstration with our experts to know more about our healthcare franchise opportunity.