Currently, a mom to a toddler and also reading this with an excellent pregnant belly? Worrying how you’re getting to roll in the hay all when you’re outnumbered? Well, you’re not getting to move in the grass about you’ll do your best! Here are some tips to assist the transition of 1 child to 2 and to surviving the primary few weeks with a toddler and a newborn!

During Pregnancy

Teach your toddler to be more independent

This isn’t advice that’s needed simply because you’ve got another baby coming along. You ought to be teaching them these things anyway! But you’ll presumably have just one hand, if any, liberal to help them with the below tasks so use your pregnancy to show them.

Climbing into their seat 

Let them climb and obtain in so you only need to dispute them to take a seat straight and buckle them in with the most reliable mommy baby gear you have. This is often especially helpful for the first few days/weeks after baby once you won’t be ready to lift them to climb in, post-C-section or not.

First Weeks/Months

Wear the baby

Wearing the baby is particularly helpful when shopping as a sitting toddler and seat within the back left no room for groceries!

Create safe zones for the baby 

 Safe spots include a play mat on the ground, crib or toddler bed or pack n’ play, bouncer or just one among the several handmade blankets we’ve on the ground.

Keep quiet toys/play zones nearby for a toddler

You’ll also want to reduce all the crazy, noisy toys for a softer environment for baby’s nap time or when you’re feeding. Tip: new toys you’ll introduce during this point are always fun! Hoard those received from holidays or birthdays to slowly open in those first few weeks of baby’s life. 

Tell baby “no” sometimes

Your toddler will probably hear you say “no” more now than ever before. Confirm to mention some “no” s to the baby too. Therefore, the toddler sees they’re treated a similar way. 

Practice taking turns, switching up who goes first 

It will be easy to require care of the baby first with any of their needs, but sometimes you would like to place the toddler first. 

Repeat, Repeat And Repeat 

Children learn by repetition, so keep stating things to stay baby safe

Allow them to assist (while supervised) 

They have been watching and mimicking you doing things from day one, and you usually encourage those moves and think they were cute. Well, now they could want to “help” with the baby so allow them to do some things and be mindful of other tasks they’re not ready for yet. 

Acknowledge good behaviour

There’s getting to be good days and bad days those first few weeks. Praise/acknowledge several great moments together with your toddler. This doesn’t mean reward them whenever, but an occasional aftermath reward, and not a bride, is usually appreciated! 

Transition changes slowly 

Since having a replacement sibling was changed enough, we didn’t specialise in these milestones directly. 

Prepare your meals as much as your toddler 

AKA precut all of your meat as soon as it’s out of the oven. you’ll presumably be trying to scarf it down while holding a sleeping or crying baby so you’ll only have one hand. Don’t let that pork chop attend waste! Keep routines. Yes, a newborn is anything but routine. But try your best to stay the maximum amount as usual and routine as possible for your toddler. 

Make time for toddler and mommy time 

Whether it’s doing puzzles while kids take a nap or bigger shopping trips out of the house.

Get a backpack diaper bag

I bought one and used it while pregnant as a pregnant me plus a lively toddler caused a requirement for two hands often. But this is often even more useful once you have two to tend to!

Practice patience

Having a young toddler who may or might not be in or entering terrible twos, alongside a newborn are often stressful and test mom’s patience. I’m not going to lie, and it is hard. But does one best to undertake and take a breath and twiddle my thumbs. Remember that they’re presumably not acting maliciously. they’re probably hungry, tired or merely being two! The exit of the space and take a breath if you’re feeling stressed or invite help if you would like it!

Getting dressed

We made an enormous distribution of her learning to place her shirt or pants on by herself, and now she’s both proud, and mommy doesn’t need to do it! 

Washing hands

Create this habit, especially after eating or during the day, as needed. Less carrying and more walking. It’s time to reiterate safety of holding hands when walking publicly, especially parking lots, as a running toddler is one among the scariest things! 

Be daddy’s budd

During pregnancy we frequently both helped with bath and bedtime but towards the top, confirmed to switch it still up a touch so that they don’t freak out when Daddy’s running late!

Read books to urge them to prepare

Repeat safety phrases aloud and sometimes. While pregnant, we made sure to reiterate safely putting babies to roll in the hay the phrase “no face” aka no suffocating a sleeping baby. We also recall sneezing or coughing into your elbow (vs their hands that still spread germs).

Transition changes slowly…