You might wish to take thoughtful holiday photos this year and get meaningful gifts.  For you to achieve this, you should prepare ahead of time. Getting properly festive might involve updating the holiday card address list so as not to miss changed or old addresses. But before getting your holiday card addresses checked, have you had your custom holiday photo cards printed? Getting the best photo for the holiday card might be challenging, especially if you have young children. You can note the following holiday planning tips while creating your holiday card on Mixbook.

Best Practices to Get a Perfect Custom Holiday Card

·       Have a specific photo in mind

Sometimes if you have a photo in mind, it will inspire the design and how you play with the typography on Mixbook to get the perfect holiday card. You can have your family photographed in a studio, which gives the photo a neutral background, and this helps with the final design of the card. You may choose one of the photos that speak a particular message to your loved ones; for instance, most people would go with a photo that shows some new skills such as riding a bike. You can show some of the accomplishments on the holiday card, and such photos could be an image of the child taking their first step or a graduation photo.

·       Have a theme or concept

You may wish to dress up to show some specific theme; going with the festive mood can be memorable for your loved ones, especially if you dress your children like the holiday’s characters. Moreover, you can choose a photo that depicts the holiday’s mood, as this photo is candid and shows the true spirit of the holiday.

·       Use Photoshop

Mixbook offers Photoshop services that allow you to add holiday elements into your greetings card. Photoshop gives you the desired flexibility when customizing your holiday card, and you can choose the elements that bring out your personality.

·       Decide whether you want to print both sides of the card

You can add a sweet message on the inside of the card, and each child can have its unique message printed on the card. Print the information first before passing the photo through the printer to ensure that it limits the possibilities of scratching the photo. If you want to design on both sides, it is prudent to buy a paper that can be printed on both sides, which could be more expensive, but you will get the desired results in the long run.

·       Make sure the envelope matches the size of the card

Greeting cards come in different sizes, and you have to ensure that your card can fit in the envelope to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

The Bottom Line

The only way of staying ahead of the strenuous rush hour in creating a customized holiday card is planning ahead of time. When you plan ahead of time, you are likely to get a photo of your liking, and you have the opportunity to make any changes without any inconveniences. Mixbook is a useful tool for creating customized holiday cards that brings out your personality.