large families

Even though having a large family is amazing and heartwarming it can be tough sometimes. Especially when you are a renter. Anyone can have their dream home with the help of new home builders. Large families need their own homes to give their children freedom without worrying about their children’s hyperactivity. There are some key tips you can follow that will help you keep your home nice and clean.


Everyone Needs To Be Responsible

The larger family you have the hardest is to keep track of everyone’s messes. It is important that you teach your children to pick up after themselves and keep their stuff neat, which will keep your family organized and your house clean. Of course, you will help them now and then, but when they all know what their responsibilities are it will prevent stuff from piling up and creating a mess.

Have Proper Flooring

Having appropriate flooring is important for having your house clean with a large family. There are two options you can go with and those are:


  • Hardwood Floors- Having solid wood floors are great to have if you are a big family because they are long-lasting and forgiving. They are easy to clean, all you need to do is sweep them or if something has spilled you have to mop it up. The only downside to having hardwood floors and having kids is that they provide no cushion when they fall.


  • Wool Carpet- This is the best option you can go for if you have children because wool carpets have an amazing ability to hide soil. Wool carpets are made out of different fibers and that makes it harder for soil to show up. And the best part of having a wool carpet is that when your child falls they will land on something soft instead of on a hardwood floor.

Have a Color Coding System

Assign all members of your family a color in order to help them feel and stay organized. Colour coding is a great way to help your younger children stay organized and everyone has their stuff at the end of the day. You can color-code anything you want like:


  • Drinking glasses
  • Storage bins
  • Lunchboxes
  • Cabinets

Have Separate Bins For Each Person

Provide all of your family members with a bin including you and your spouse, where all of you will store things that you need frequently and create a place for them. You can store everything you need at your arms reach, mail or chore assignments that need to be seen. They are also great for using them as general storage space. Because they are easy to stack and label and they can fit anywhere. Bins are a great way to stay organized no matter how big your family gets.

Keep Up With Nightly Cleanup

Every night before you and your family get ready for bed, go through all of the rooms with your children and pick up what has been left out from plating or doing homework. By having everyone do it you are having them collect what’s theirs and clean their messes and have a fresh slate for tomorrow. Getting the nightly cleanup into your routine will keep your home clean and taken care of. If you have all hands on deck it will take something from 15 to 30 minutes to have your house spotless.


Having a large family doesn’t mean that you need to give up on having your home taken care of. No matter what method you choose to go for some days will be harder to keep your house clean. But if you make a routine and follow these tips your days will definitely be easier when it comes to keeping your house in order.