Indian chairs, tables, bedroom furniture, Indian patio furniture, and other household items use all types of wood, cane, oak, rosewood, coconut, sandalwood and teak to bring you the vibrant colors of nature. Indians import wood from all over the world, and then locals traditionally apply wood to works of art. Sandalwood is considered to be God-given by Indians, as it has a fragrance that only and only rains.


Some of the largest Indian furniture manufacturer is an exporter in India. The patterns are usually simple, classic, and yet functional. Most of the Indian presents come from sustainable forests. If in doubt, any reputable dealer of Indian handicraft, or factory furniture, will be able to give you more information, and so relax your mind.

When purchasing quality Home Décor Indian Handicrafts furniture from Indian importers, it is important to remember that wood is a natural material, and as such, reacts to the environment. As a result, you should not place it in direct sunlight, or any other place where it will be exposed to extremes in moisture, or heat.