All pests, no matter how big or small they may be, can give harm and damages to people. This is why it is important for a home to have an existing home pest control Phoenix method used so that pests will not be able to build their colonies within your home. The most common pest that you see in homes are bugs.

There are many different types of bugs and the most dangerous among them are those that suck blood. This is because they can easily transfer germs or bacteria that might put one’s health at risk. Knowledge of these dangerous bugs can help you perform an effective pest control method in your home.

Cities all across the nation are experiencing warmer temperatures that are particularly unusual for this time of year. In fact, the National Weather Service reports that the U.S. experienced record high temperatures in the last ten months compared to any other ten-month period, with average temperatures two degrees higher than ever before.

But with the warmer weather of early spring comes a big downfall – insects, which can be a total nightmare for homeowners. Sunlight and the increased moisture from rain prompt ants to start foraging into the ground, into the wood, and anything else they can get into.

This also means an increase in fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, which means your pets and children can be at risk.

Warmer weather also increases the activity of animals in the wild, including fruit rats, possums, and raccoons that make way into backyards, sheds, gardens, garages, attics, and even basements.

Pest control professionals are getting an increase in calls every year. In fact, many of them say the calls they’ve received are one to two months earlier than last year’s, and there has been an increase in the number of calls.

Termites also remain a big issue for homeowners, with 13 percent of people surveyed reporting termite issues within the last 12 months. Areas hit particularly hard with termite swarms this year include Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

Not to mention pests can also be destructive to properties.

Not all people choose to consult with professional pest control companies to handle bug and rodent problems, although, with termites, it’s imperative that a highly-trained professional handle the problem because of safety and potential structural damage to the home that may be involved.

There are powerful control methods that can be used against these pests. There are products that can be sprayed or applied to the affected area of the home. However, one must be sure that the procedure that they will do will not affect humans.

It is better to choose eco-friendly products that can only give harm to pests. This way, you are sure that you and your family will be safe as well as the environment.

While some problems will go away with over-the-counter products, they may not contain strong enough remedies or administered by a trained expert to fix the problem completely. That’s why most experts in the field of pest control would recommend seeking the guidance of a licensed professional exterminator.