If you are looking for a safe way to protect your house, then you might have already thought of getting a set of security cameras for your residence. These help cease home break-ins and keep both your family and property safe from burglars and vandals.

However, if you don’t know anything about security cameras then you cannot decide, where to install them. Of course, you can take assistance from a professional company, specialists of Home Security Cameras in Dubai and they can install the cameras, at the right place and also maintain them from time to time. The point is whatever type of security camera you decide to install, its performance is impacted by where you place it.

Yes, security cameras positioning has a significant role in providing adequate surveillance. So, where to keep the cameras for home security? The following are a few of the many recommended spots for security camera location according to experts.

  • Back Door
  • Front Door
  • Off-Street Windows
  • Other Important Places

Back Door Security Camera

You should know that nearly twenty-two percent of thieves get into your house via the back door, so you would advantage from using a camera at this spot. This encompasses side doors too. You must attach a security camera to every door you own to prevent forcible trespass. Again, try to keep the camera out of reach of humans or objects that they can throw at a camera.

Front Door Security Camera 

Remember, that nearly thirty-four percent of thieves enter through the front door. So, you may need a security camera surveilling that area. It is the most vital security camera placement outside a home. Keep your camera at second-floor level, to thwart a thief from knocking out the camera. In case you only have one level, you might enclose the front door security camera in mesh wiring, to guard it against meddling. Truly, if you have the assistance of experts in the Home Security Camera in Dubai, they would ensure that you get the cameras installed at the right spots and in the safest way possible.


So, when are you going to get the security cameras installed in your home, and more importantly at the right places?