Latakia, the Syrian port city was shipped with 340 rough terrain wheelchairs for children who are in need by the dynamic fundraising passion of Shaoquett Moselmane in collaboration with “Wheelchairs for Kids” organization. These rough terrain wheelchairs featured with puncture proof tyres and are contrived to last through childhood.

When mainstream media came to know that a container was shipped to Syria, two major Australian news titles continuously signified that this action could be viewed by Australians as a misdemeanour of helping “the enemy”.

“We are not armament smugglers, in fact, we are helping children, the amputees.” Gerry Georgatos from Wheelchairs for Kids said in the response.

The catastrophe cannot be illustrated by mere words. That mattock job never took place. But soon after, Latakia was shipped with another container of rough terrain children’s wheelchairs.


In July 2015, Shaoquett and Gerry Georgatos from Wheelchairs for Kids visited Shanghai where they were taken on a visit of a Shanghai orphanage. This is the world’s largest orphanage to feed and nurture abandoned babies and toddlers with debilities.

Moreover, they shipped over 500 children’s wheelchairs to provincial China in 2015.

When they were on their visit to the orphanage, they learned that 160 children were in need of wheelchairs, despite the fact that 2,000 abandoned children, 95 precent with a disability are being taken care of. They looked at each other and then made the promise to the orphanage director, Lucy, that they would fulfil this need.

Months later, Wheelchairs for Kids shipped through another container to Shanghai with more raised funds.

His Nominated Contribution in Other Regions

To make sure that the right of ethnic communities across NSW are getting the recognition they deserve for the positive contribution Shaoquett has always been fervent about working for them. These communities hold the right of acknowledgment of the positive contribution they make to our society.

In 2012, he established the Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards.  In 2014, he set a trend for the National Indigenous Human Rights Awards. Not only this, Shaoquett is an Honorary Member of the Arab Business Network, a member of the Board of the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW, also a founding member and senior Vice-President of the Australian Chinese Association. He has been a member of the Labor Party since 1982. He is also the State Parliamentary Patron of the Pakistani Australia Business Council and is Convener of Arabic Friends of Labor.

Several fundraising occasions for the relief efforts of the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, the Queensland Floods, the Pakistani Floods, the East African Famine Appeal, the Gaza, Children Cloth Appeal have been introduced by Shaoquette. Other fundraising events include; Chinese earthquake, Pakistani flood appeal, the News South Wales Bushfire Appeal, the Japanese Earthquake, Nuclear Disaster, and many more. Shaoquett Moselmane has also been working widely with Wheelchairs for Kids that is made-for-no profit organization and affords wheelchairs for incapacitated, needy children.