Custom bot development services are beautifully harnessing the technology behind AI and Machine Learning and creating efficient chatbots to win over the ultimate customer and give them a great online experience.

It is not a hidden fact that businesses of every scale and sector are turning to AI, or Artificial Intelligence to facilitate seamless interaction with their customers. Other than interaction, what is also helping them is the opportunity to scale up quickly through effective cost-cutting. This is why the adoption of AI is gaining increased momentum with every passing day.

One very effective way where AI is making a formidable presence felt is through chatbots. In fact, chatbots have been enabling businesses to achieve their objectives and goals since quite some time now.



Now you may have heard of the term casually thrown around a few times, but it is important to be fully aware of what we are dealing with once we know something about it.

What exactly are Chatbots?

In the simplest of sense, chatbots are software that can effectively interact with humans through a chat-based interface. The particular chatbot interface is then integrated on a brand’s AI business app or websites, with platforms like Skype, Facebook, and more.

While simple chatbots work by just scanning the keywords within a customer query, the more dynamic and complex chatbots use AI and Machine Learning for creating natural, language-based responses that tend to be more complex.

If truth be told, chatbots powered by AI perform much better when integrated with the CRM platforms that establish a strong online presence for brands.

Chatbots in Business

With the increased pace of AI chatbots development, three main kinds of chatbots are helping out businesses beautifully-

  • Front-end AI bot

A computer program that directly interacts with the customer without any manual intervention.

  • AI-assisted agents

This involves nothing, but a human customer service executive that has the support of AI technology.

  • Human assisted AI
This bot is an extension of the AI-assisted agent, where the chatbot is supported by a human.

Enhanced Customer Experience with Chatbots

For a web and app development company, chatbots have their set of benefits like cost reduction among more, it is the customers that will be the real winners.

Here are a few ways where chatbots contribute extensively in providing a better customer experience-

1- Efficient Live Chats

There is no visible difference in interacting with a chatbot and a live customer support representative. As a result, customers do not need to learn any kind of technicalities to engage with the chatbots.

Also, the chatbots can be flawlessly integrated into a company website or app, saving a lot of time for the customers in hunting for the right avenue to get their queries answered.

2- Smooth Purchasing Process

Chatbots also make the entire purchasing process for customers a breeze, by popping up on a relevant product page and providing additional product information, a small promotional video, or even some promo code that offers a certain discount.

This entire purchase process helps the customer be decisive regarding complete satisfaction.

3- Chatbots are Available 24/7

If a company has live- chat support, being available 24/7 can result in a lot of extra costs. This is because live chat support staff will get confronted with fatigue, and will need to be replaced by added staff. For chatbots though, being always online is never a big deal.

Chatbots can answer customer queries at simply any point of the day or night, eliminating a customer’s wait to get a response from the company.

4- Taking the Frustration of IVR out of the Game

Interactive voice response (IVR) is perhaps the biggest issue that customers have to face while interacting with a company’s customer service process. Because the IVR system is call- based and too structured, a customer might find it very tedious to get the needed response quickly.

A chatbot performs on similar lines, but with a quick process that is based on the previous answers from the customer.

It is safe to say that chatbots are the way forward for companies all over the world. E-commerce platforms have already shown their preference for chatbots, and other online business websites and apps are following suit.

A custom bot development company makes it a point to keep every single question in mind that a customer can have concerning support or query and build a quality chatbot for you. Consagous Technologies can do this flawlessly for you.
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