Several different issues might be faced during the packaging designs for various items. These issues can be resolved by using custom plastic packaging in many cases because of the personalized coverings according to the specific needs, i.e., strength, type, nature, etc.

Ensure Safety

No matter which type of product the packaging is intended for, security is always of utmost importance. Any damage to the product would result in financial loss and psychological stress for the customers. In order to avoid this possible inconvenience, custom plastic boxes is highly preferred. This packaging can be done from a diverse range of plastic materials. Especially when the product has to suffer from a damp atmosphere. Custom plastic boxes can protect the products in two ways. Firstly, it provides physical protection, as most plastic boxes are rigid and strong, they won’t collapse from pressure as cardboard boxes do. Secondly, custom plastic boxes won’t get wet, when necessary, they can also be made into waterproof and airtight plastic storage boxes.

Waterproof Watch Case with Handle
Waterproof Watch Case with Handle

Enhance Displaying

Along with the safety, the beautiful and lovely presentation of the items in the retail shops has also become part and parcel of the business and trade all across the world. Customized plastic boxes can be prepared in an incredibly adorable fashion by applying unique and innovative designs in order to impress the customers by making the products stand out in the crowd. This is its especially pronounced advantage over other types of packaging. With clear plastic boxes, manufacturers can realized delicate patterns and shapes that best represent their brand images. Such designs are useful for a vast range of products like cosmetic items, jewelry products, wristwatches candies, etc. The display value or shelf value of the items is enhanced to a great deal by applying the latest and unique designs.

Bulk Jewelry Boxes

Efficient in shipping

The personalized containers can also be prepared in such a manner that they become incredibly useful for the transportation of items to distant and far off places via shipping. The shipping boxes are light in weight and usually cover a small space. These characteristics make the shipping boxes the most suitable type of container to serve the purpose of the expansion of the trade.

Scale Economy

The cost advantage of custom plastic boxes is prominent when ordering large quantities on regular basis. As they involve new plastic injection molds building, the initial cost will be relatively high. But future repeat order will become rather smooth and the cost will turn down dramatically. They don’t have to go through so many processes as cardboard boxes generally do. Besides, most of the process will be handled with machines. Thus they are not so much affected by the expensive labor cost while the product quality can stay rather consistent.

Bottle-shaped Transparent Candy Boxes

Be Eco-friendly

It’s not exaggerating that custom-made plastic boxes may even be more eco-friendly than cardboard boxes, which have been widely publicized as the ultimate eco-friendly packaging choice. (Someday when paper processing become more energy efficient and less water-consuming, also when there are more economical alternatives for raw material plants other than eucalyptus, then paper boxes will be the real eco-friendly packaging) Many people have seen the picture of the pileup of plastic waste. But actually, the biggest problem lie with recycling. On one side, many plastic packaging materials are not recyclable like some plastic wraps and bags. On the side, the lack of awareness and accessible facilities of recycling. Custom plastic boxes are made of unique design and high quality, so consumers are more likely encouraged to reuse them. Even when discarding, these boxes are easier to recycle.