Do you know how easy it is to use the Cash App card and very user can order this card without paying any extra charges. If you have a Cash App card then you do not need to always carry the mobile app for making a payment, you can do it simply by swiping this card. This card is separate from your debit card and it is linked to the cash app account.


Many users wonder how to activate Cash App card. The card activation is a required process that all the users need to complete in order to start using the cash app card. If you have a cash card then under the Cash App user’s policy it is mandatory that you activate it.


How to order Cash App card in 2020? 


If you are above 18 years old and have a Cash App account you can order the cash card. If you do not have a cash card you can get it by taking below-mentioned steps:

  1. Install the Cash App mobile in your i-phone or android device
  2. At the bottom of the screen select the Cash card icon
  3. Then you will get a color option Get a free cash card 
  4. After clicking on this button you need to choose the color of the cash card as per your liking
  5. Then customize the cash app card by selecting a unique $Cashtag as per your preference and enter the signature that you want to be shown on the card
  6. Finally, enter the address to receive the Cash App card successfully.
  7. You need to recheck all the details that you enter including name, address, and signature before clicking the Continue button


How to activate Cash App card?


So once you got the Cash App card you will have to activate it. You can activate Cash App card with or without QR code. Here we explain to the process of Cash App card activation without QR code which is also known as the activate Cash App card offline. So following are the steps that you need to take for it:


  1. Once you receive the cash card check all the details on the card are visible properly for card activation such QR code,  CVV code, and expiry date
  2. Internet speed or wifi connection (if following an online method for card activation)
  3. You have an updated version on Cash App on your mobile phone
  4. Your Cash App account is not suspended and is in working condition