Surely when you started with your online clothing store, you had great ideas of the products you wanted to sell. However, you feel frustrated and lose that desire when you cannot find the ideal fashion clothing manufacturers or suppliers to get that product source.

Finding the best fashion clothing distributorsis key to the success of your eCommerce.

Here we will learn how you can find the best fashion clothing manufacturer and supplier?

It is best to define what a provider is or what we mean when we mention it:

When we speak of suppliers, we refer to any person who can offer products and inventory, a definition that includes manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, etc. 

Now, we begin the search for your provider, and we tell you some aspects that you should consider.

fashion clothing manufacturer

What Type of Providers Are You Looking For?

Being clear about what type of fashion clothing distributors you are looking for is an important step in determining which provider you will find.

There are several options for this, and here we tell you the usual ones:

– A manufacturer that is responsible for producing your product idea.

– As such, a supplier can be a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor for the purchase of existing brands and products.

– A drop shipper, supplier of products, and that fulfills the orders of brands and existing products.

Once you are clear about these aspects, you can continue your search with the next section.

Which One Suits You Best? Nationals or Foreigners?

When you start looking for suppliers, whether you manufacture or wholesale, you have a national source or abroad.

In foreign suppliers, it can refer to any part of the world, although in general, Asian countries such as China, India, or Taiwan have a greater role.

You may know that sourcing products from abroad are cheaper.

Here are ways to find fashion clothing manufacturers or suppliers:


Some provider directory sources are free and can be found online.

These are the most popular:

– Alibaba

– AliExpress

– Sourcify


Searching for anything on Google is a simple process for everyone. However, it is difficult with providers because many are not well-positioned and have not optimized their website.

How Do We Recommend That You Find Providers on Google?

– Check if fear the first 10 search results on Google and, if necessary, keep turning pages.

– Use a variety of terms: wholesaler, wholesaler, and distributor, manufacturer, etc.

– Our advice is that you try different forms of the search until you find the result.

Local library:

In local libraries, even if it sounds old, you can find great information. It is common for libraries to pay monthly subscription fees to have directories of companies and manufacturers online.

You would not otherwise find information or that, and perhaps, you would have to pay out of pocket to find it.

Go without fear to your local library by making a call or contacting them to determine if they have access to these types of private directories.


Word of mouth to take referrals is still one of the most efficient ways to find a fashion clothing manufacturer.

– Talk to friends, family, or even people who have been successful in your sector, and you can ask them to share their contact.

– Use social networks to find information, join Facebook groups, such as the Shopify community or any online eCommerce community.

Request Your Budget:

If you have followed all the steps, you may already have your ideal provider. How to get close to him? To start contacting the ideal is to send an email requesting a quote.

Here we give you a series of questions to ask in your email, and that is essential to continue with your provider.

What Is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Make sure you can bear the cost of the minimum order from the fashion clothing manufacturers.

The minimum order quantity may vary depending on the product you request and the supplier, so we recommend that you know it in the first contact.

What Is the Sample Price?

Our advice is to ask for a sample before placing a full order. If you are going to order it, check prices before, depending on the product and supplier.

You will come across different providers, some take requests and change the sample price, others will offer it to you at a lower price, and some may offer the free trial.

What Is the Production Price?

A key question to consider is how much the number of your products going to cost?

In this case, we recommend that you ask for prices of several quantities, so you will get an idea of ​​how they make discounts with high quantities.

By following these tips, you will find the best fashion clothing manufacturer that suits your needs.