Have you been searching online for a new sleeping bed mattress and coming across the term hybrid every time?

Well, as per the latest research it has been revealed that found that hybrid bed mattresses are gaining new heights of popularity.

The manufactures are claiming it be designed with the use of next-generation technology to offer better quality sleep to the sleepers throughout the night time. If you are planning to buy mattress in India then definitely this post will help you take the right decision and get hold on the perfect match to your requirements.

Let’s try to understand why there is so much propaganda around the hybrid mattresses and do they live up to their promises.

What is exactly a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid sleeping bed mattresses are gaining so much hype in the market these days simply because of the fact that it is designed differently than other mattresses.

The truth is hybrid mattress is the combination of a conventional innerspring structure along with either memory foam mattress of latex comfort layers.

They aretypicallymade with the integration of  pocket coils—that is, perpendicular coils set in separateenvelopes—and they aremade to bring together the benefits of both innerspring mattresses and memory foam.

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is made by combining both innerspring and memory foam mattresses, so you will be able to leverage the benefits of both the worlds.

Here are some of the benefits of the hybrid mattress that you can consider before you decide to buy mattress in India:

Improved motion isolation:

Improved motion isolation is one of the major benefits that have made hybrid sleeping bed mattresses so much popular among the general populace. Gone are the days when you will feel that your sleep has been interrupted due to the turning and tossing of your partner. There are people who are light sleepers and feel disturbed when their partner is changing sleep position during the night time. In order to serve the requirements of the light sleepers, the feature of motion isolation has been improved to a great extent in the hybrid sleeping mattress.

Resilient support

Another benefit of using hybrid mattresses is their capability to offercomfy, long-lasting support, irrespectiveof the sleeping position of the sleepers.

Technically speaking, the latex or memory foam is used as a comfort layers that perfectly conforms to the body contour of the sleeper, thereby distributing the pressure points uniformly.

This type of mattress is certainly good for thosewho love to sleep on their side, since this position is more likely to leave the sleepers with pressure points pain.

It’s also supportive for folks suffering from serve back discomfort, even though if you are really looking forward to getting rid of such kind of lingering and annoying issues once for all. If you are thinking to buy mattress in India, this aspect is definitely a very significant one.


One of the majorcriticismsthat have been so far made by the customers who have used memory foam sleeping bed mattresses is that it tends to get too hot with the increase in the body temperature. Hybrid sleeping mattress, though, offer a cooler sleeping base due to the breathability features of the innerspring mattress. In actual fact, an innerspring coil throws out the body heat much better than the memory foam mattress.

If you are someone who tends to get hot while sleeping, then definitely you should think about buying a hybrid sleeping mattress as it will not trap the body heat and help you stay cool throughout the night and enjoy sound sleep as well.

Whether you should consider buying a hybrid sleeping bed mattress or not?

In the bottom line, it is beyond any doubt depends on your personal preferences that you need to know and then buy mattress in India of your choice. Whether you decide to hybrid, innerspring or memory foam mattress, always make sure that you buy from the brand that offers 30 days trial period so that you have enough time in your hands to test and then buy a mattress that helps you sleep better throughout the night time.