The wardrobe organizational industry is filled with various types of plastic hangers. These are loved for their incomparable accessibility and incomparability. This makes plastic hangers the first choice for clothing store owners compared to wire or wooden hangers. However, you don’t just have to settle with the most accessible and cheaper plastic hangers to organize your store. You have to capitalize on the range of plastic hangers available to match your products. Poor choice of these hangers can make or break sales by a mile.

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How plastic hangers enhance displays in clothing stores

Keeping clothes in shape

High street shoppers scrutinize everything regarding clothes that catch their fancy. The evaluation includes fabric quality and type of hanger displaying the article. Therefore, always pay attention to the type of hanger for displaying clothes in your store. It is important to tell good quality plastic hangers from the variety on the market. This avoids ending up with flimsy hangers when you buy too cheap. The right type of hanger prolongs the lifespan of the fabric. This keeps the clothes uptight to ensure it remains in shape before shoppers grab it.

Easy to clean

Appearance matters in a clothing store. High-end customers are less likely to pick dusty clothing from your store. So, regular cleaning is necessary including the hangers supporting the clothing. Luckily, plastic hangers are a breeze to clean to make your clothing enticing. All it takes is a damp cloth to make the plastic hangers sparkling. This is easier than cleaning mental hangers that are prone to rust and wooden hangers susceptible to mildew and mold on exposure to dampness.

Very colorful

It is a wonderful idea to get clip hangers in plastic material. These hangers significantly upgrade the appearance of your clothing display with their range of colors. You can use plastic hangers in a particular color to differentiate your items. Additionally, the variety of colors goes a long way to make your display more colorful and entice shoppers to pick your items.

Plastic hangers come in colors including transparent and solid options to allow selecting the most appropriate for your clothing. You have a wide choice to select hangers that add a stylish appeal to your store display without looking downright tacky. Match hanger colors consistently but you can switch them to match the style and type. Charcoal color plastic hangers come with an elegant and sophisticated appeal to make your display look organized and cohesive.

Add sleek appeal

The right hangers for displaying clothing in your store should enhance their lifespan. This is what you get when you opt for plastic hangers. These hangers keep clothing without wrinkles and creases. This significantly adds a sleep appeal to your clothing on display. Appropriately sized plastic hangers maintain the quality of clothing for shoppers to notice their unique qualities.

Ideal for every type of clothing

There are plastic hangers for all types of clothing in your store. Plastic hangers with rubber tips are available for georgette tops and silky blouses to prevent sliding off. Shirt specific plastic hangers are available with swivel hooks for connecting vertically to optimize display space. Displaying pants is seamless with pant hangers to ensure they remain sleek straight to entice shoppers. Pant plastic hangers have trouser bars to limit pants and trousers from sliding off. The hangers have hooks to keep pants displayed vertically without creasing.

Other plastic hangers for particular clothing include:

Hangers for coats and blazers
Sweater and cardigan hangers to prevent dimpling and puckering
Skirt hangers with rubber-coated clips to limit creasing

For specially designed clothing

Some clothes including blouses, tank tops, and undergarments come with straps. It requires hangers with special features to bring out this design. Plastic hangers come with strap notches for organizing strapping clothes and make them appealing to shoppers. The strap on plastic hangers fits the attire in one place. Ensure to handle the clothing on hangers with strap notches hangers carefully to prevent wrinkling.

Highly versatile

Finally, plastic hangers are loved for their versatility towards enhancing your store display. Combination hangers are available for accommodating more than one type of clothing simultaneously. This saves you the hassle of getting hangers for each type of clothing. With these hangers, you can display coats and shirts on the same hanger. Apart from saving costs on purchasing hangers, shoppers can purchase both items on the hangers.

Bottom line

Appearance can make or break sales in a clothing store. The right display of your clothing can make a significant difference. This requires using the most appropriate hangers that create attractive displays to encourage sales. Plastic hangers are a great choice for being easy to clean, coming in various colors, shapes, and designs. Additionally, plastic hangers are available for every type of clothing to create an appealing display that encourages sales.