To drop your membership, just expel all items in your TurboTax Advantage account:

1. Sign in to turbotax support number.

2. Select TurboTax Advantage on the correct side of your screen.

◦ If you just see Sign up now, your membership is as of now dropped or you’re in an inappropriate record. Use our Account Recovery tool to get a rundown of all your TurboTax accounts, at that point sign in under the correct record.

3. Select Remove product under every item recorded

4. Once the sum total of what items have been expelled, you’ll see the Sign up now button. This implies your membership has been dropped.

Tip: If you missed the cancelation cutoff time during the current year’s TurboTax item, just hold up until you get your CD or download, then submit an online discount request within 60 days of getting your item.