iPhone 11 users face several problems. These problems can occur due to hardware and software issues. But none of these issues causes major risks. Here are some troubleshooting steps for the iPhone 11which can be used by any user to overcome the problem. 

Wireless charging

The issue of wireless charging is quite widespread, many iPhone owners have reported that the device does not charge and it becomes hot. Possible troubleshooting for this is

  • Press and release volume up and down button until the Apple logo appears. 

Poor battery life

This is one of the major issues which iPhone 11 users encounter. The battery drains very fast, this problem usually occurs after an iOS update or after an application update. To rectify these issue-

  • Go to settings > battery > low power mode
  • Take a look of battery usage in settings > battery and check which app is consuming the power
  • If the above does not work then factory reset can overcome the problem of a drained battery 

Activation issues

When you get new phone activation is a common issue and iPhone 11 is no different. If you are facing the same problem make sure that the device system is up and running properly

  • Make sure your wireless plan is working
  • Update the device to latest iOS version and then restart it
  • Go to setting > general > about. If any update is available then a prompt message will come and you can update it. 
  • Remove the sim card and put it back again

iPhone 11 back screen problem 

iPhone black screen can be the result of many things including dropping e phone, spilling water on it, updating a new app, bad firmware, jailbreak, etc. 

Troubleshooting steps involve

  • Drained battery – it might be possible that your phone got stuck on a black screen due to drain battery. Therefore charge your phone to rule out this possibility.
  • Crashed app – sometimes the screen went black after launching and a new app to the phone to fix it press the home button twice and swap the screen to left or right and see the list of applications. Close the particular app.
  • Restore your phone- factory reset can wipe off your data take a backup for your data for that connect your device with computer and launce iTunes > tap summary > restore iPhone > restore. 

If you still face any other issue with your device and if iPhone repair is required then you can visit THE FIX, where our expert technicians are here to help you.