In today’s time, Facebook is the most popular and used platform where millions of people connect with each other, share their personal lives information, and at the same time run events as well as to promote business on it. One can say that without a doubt, Facebook has become an important and integral part of their lives which they can’t avoid.

However, just using a platform isn’t enough, as it can lend you in trouble if you don’t know how the site’s rules and regulations work. Therefore, along with using the site, it is also necessary to know how to use the site properly by following its terms and conditions accordingly. Otherwise, there are increasing numbers of cases where people finding themselves getting in ‘Facebook Jail’ without even knowing what ‘Facebook Jail’ actually is!

That is why, for all such users, today in this blog we have included everything about ‘Facebook Jail’ and the ‘Tips to avoid getting in Facebook Jail’. So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started reading without wasting any single second:

What is Facebook Jail?

The term Facebook Jail refers to the punishment which Facebook gives to its users by blocking their power or ability to do any activity such as posting and commenting etc on the Facebook site. Basically, Facebook disables or block a user profile or business page because of the reason that it breaks Facebook rules and laws.

Though, for how long Facebook can block a user will depend on the type of offense the user commits but in general Facebook will lend you in Jail or block your access to your account for:

  • Few hours
  • 3 Days
  • 6 Days
  • A week,
  • And, as well as permanently.

How to tell if you’re in Facebook Jail?

Any user can lend itself in Facebook Jail if they:

  • Upload/Post any inappropriate content on their Facebook account.
  • Get too many likes unnecessarily and that too very soon i.e. (fakes likes)
  • Behaving unusual or bad with other users (Misbehaving, threatening, etc)
  • Breaks any Facebook rules and regulations,
  • Not following Facebook Terms & Conditions.

10 Tips to avoid being blocked by Facebook and sent to Facebook Jail are:

  1. Don’t Spam: Spamming is an inappropriate activity so try avoiding it.
  2. Tag carefully and avoid being anonymous: Try to tag only your real friends on Facebook and not everyone from your friend’s list.
  3. Avoid Plagiarism: Do not copy the content and images which are subject to copyright.
  4. Make use of the site properly: Know how the Facebook site works and how can you benefit from the features of the website.
  5. Don’t Misbehave: Don’t get yourself into any hate speech, or threats to any person, group, or community on Facebook.
  6. Avoid commenting or liking posts too much: Commenting and liking posts too much can also lead to a disabled Facebook account.
  7. Do not post too much content: Only post 5-6 posts in a day that’s enough!
  8. Avoid being weird: Do not send too many requests at one particular time to too many people.
  9. Avoid getting your page marked as Spam: Aware of getting into other’s dirty play and try to save yourself from people who can get your page marked as spam.
  10. And, do not post bad content: Never post nude and provocative content otherwise you can be banned permanently.