Also known as a ‘coworking space’ or a ‘serviced office’, rented shared working spaces are the revolutionary concept of hiring a fully serviced office workspace for as long or as little you need. When compared to traditional offices and cubicles, a shared office space for rent in Sydney can even the playing field for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small and large businesses.

So, how does a shared office workspace benefit you?

The premium services from day one

A huge advantage for smaller businesses and freelancers is that shared office spaces come with a range of professional services from the moment you walk in. Not only onsite technical support but they can also provide businesses with professionally trained reception staff that will answer all incoming calls and greet clients when having meetings under their company name. There are also mail handling, admin and daily cleaning services available as well.

The fully serviced work stations

Each work station in a shared office space is fully serviced with all the professional facilities and equipment that a business requires. From the moment accompany signs up; they will have instant access to facilities such as modern staff kitchens, business lounges, premium meeting rooms and outdoor breakout areas. Businesses will also have access to high-speed internet and a business-grade IT infrastructure. Many coworking providers that can offer shared office space for rent Sydney also provide on-site technical support to make sure each business receives the best support.

The flexible and affordable pricing

Leasing a traditional office through a real estate can run the risk of a business being hit with hidden fees and charges. Shared office spaces combat this by having transparent pricing structures with flexible rental contracts. Coworking spaces include every fee in their pricing structure to ensure that businesses understand exactly what they will be paying for before committing. A business can also easily scale up or down depending on their requirements by renting on a month-to-month basis.

The cost-effective way to reduce overheads

If a business opts for a traditional office space, it will require them to sign into an expensive and often lengthy lease agreement, typically for around four years at a time. These leases also contain many hidden fees and charges that catch businesses, and their budgets, off-guard. This can include configuration and installation fees for IT and office equipment or hidden monthly maintenance and building fees. Instead, renting an office space allows businesses to hire the space on a flexible monthly contract that they are not locked into. This allows companies to massively reduce their overheads and they can simply cancel their contract when they no longer need the office space.

As you can see, there are a huge range of advantages when it comes to an office space for rent in Sydney for many businesses, whether they are freelancers or start-ups. Search online for a coworking space provider that offers a range of premium shared offices in Sydney and start benefiting today.