We all know that relocation is a time-consuming process, but how much time it actually needs to move a house, is still unanswered? Is it one month, two month or, is it possible to relocate your home from one city to another within a week? Well, the answer depends on various things. If you are moving with professional packers and movers Pune then they can help you to move in as less days as possible. But, that too depends majorly on the distance and quantity of your belongings. Apart from these, there are various reasons that makes relocation a time-consuming process.

Finding a new home
You need to find a new home in the city where you are moving. Finding a house is not an easy thing especially if you are going to buy your own. You have to see the location and other amenities for buying your home and also have to prepare important paper works for buying the property which can take you more than a month.

End of lease agreement or selling house
The time you will take to sell your old house or, the time to end the lease agreement (if you are staying in a rental property) the time of relocation depends on. Without this, you cannot move from your old house. So, you should include this period for determining the time to move your home.

Book movers
Booking or hiring reliable and best packers and movers in Pune is not an easy task. This would consume a couple of weeks or even more for you to take the right decision. Well, you should take your time in choosing the right movers and packers, because it about handing over all your valuables to them. So, make sure you are choosing the right movers.

Organizing belonging and getting rid of unwanted goods
After booking reliable packers and movers get organized for you move. You must get rid of the unwanted goods that are useless for you like broken furniture, old clothes, plants that you cannot carry with you, etc. You can either sell your unwanted goods or can donate to charity.

Packing goods
To pack the entire household goods, you will need at least a couple of weeks. And till the last day you have to pack the goods according to the usage of the items.

Final Preparation
After packing the stuff you need to pack all the essentials you have left for packing on the last day because of their use. Pack an ‘open first box’ and prepare snacks for the moving day.

So, it would probably take a month you to move and shift your home. If you are moving with professional packers and movers