Shifting from one place to another is the cumbersome process. You need to make a detailed plan and take many steps to shift from one city to another. The first thing you will think while shifting to a new place is the car. It becomes very costly to drive the car from one place to another especially the other city or state.

The best option is to hire a car transport company. It will look after everything from loading your car in the carriers to delivering it at the right place. A transport company will reduce your stress while moving from one place to another.

Cost of Transporting a Car from One State to Another

The cost of covered car transport depends on many factors such as distance, type of car, weight, and so on. The average cost of car shipping is between $600 and $1000 for a sedan. If you want to transport a pickup, SUV, or small van, you have to pay between $800 and $1075. You have to pay more during the summer season and less during the winter season,

What are the Factors to Consider While Calculating the Cost of Transporting a Car?

You have to consider various factors while calculating the cost of transporting the car such as:

  1. Model of the Car

If you have a normal car, you have to pay average costs. But the rates will increase if you want to transport luxurious cars, race cars, or vintage cars. It is because the costly cars need more delicate handling by the professionals.

  1. Weight of the Car

Moving the heavy car from one state to another increases the overall cost of transportation. Apart from that, you have to also pay more for long cars.

  1. Kind of Transport

Car transport companies offer 2 kinds of transport for moving cars. They are enclosed carriers and open-air carriers. If you choose enclosed carriers, you have to pay more as they protect your cars from the dust and other environmental hazards. On the other hand, the cost of open carriers is lower than enclosed air carriers.

  1. Time of Moving the Cars

The cost of car transport also depends on the time you choose for moving your cars. If you pick the summertime, the rates will be higher than those of the winter season.

  1. Distance 

If you want to move your car to a long distance, you have to pay more. This is because the rates of fuel, tolls, and labor increase as the distance increases.

  1. Insurance

This is another factor to consider while calculating the cost of transporting a car. You have to pay for the insurance as the company pays the money if there is any damage in the transit.

Final Words

It is always a smart decision to hire the services of the professionals. They take care of your expensive cars and deliver them at the right time.