Looking for a wedding car hire South East to transport your daughter or son party to the venue is the most important thing. You need to make sure that everything is done in a smooth way. Not only the car, but it cost associated with it is also an important question. How much will it cost to hire a wedding car, either modern or vintage in 2020? This is the relevant question that everyone needs to look.

A lot of wedding car providers does not display the price list online. So you have to contact them to know the prices of their services. Some will provide you with an instant price or quote, but for that, you need to fill the forms with the right details. Others display the prices on their website, but you still need to contact them to know the true cost to hire the wedding car.

At Phantom Hire, we do provide an online instant no-obligation car cost. It can be done easily and show you the actual price. Now we will discuss why costs vary considerably and how you can save money on your wedding cars.

Why costs vary? Depends on wedding transport

Cost of a wedding hire car

The cost of the wedding car depends on the type of service and car you get. Every company has a different level of service in terms of standard and luxury. Some will provide you with a driver and others with a chauffeur. On the personal experience, the chauffeur service is much better than than the standard driver. These chauffeurs are trained to make your day special, provide utmost care and focus on keen attention to details.

Size and luxury of the car

The difference in car model also affects the cost. For instance, the Mercedes C Class is less expensive than a Mercedes S Class. Although they are from the same brand, the models have different features such as C Class is a small family saloon. On the other hand, the S Class is a luxurious car of their brand, sumptuous interior and a lot bigger and spacious. It has also won the prestigious award for the best luxury executive chauffeur driven car. So this implies that the cost varies depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

wedding car hire south east

So the size, type and standard of the car you choose will impact the total cost. This also depends on the type of service you hire. You might want to transport the bridal group to the wedding ceremony or the venue, or just want the bride parents to accompany them on a special day, choose the right type of the service for transport needs.

What is included in the final cost of a wedding car hire?

Modern Wedding cars

How old is the wedding car? This factor greatly impacts the overall cost as well. For example, a 3-5 year old car is more expensive than the 10-15 year old car. Even when you sell your car, its value is calculated on the depreciation of the car. New cars come with the updated features which improve the convenience and safety of the car. This is the reason why newer cars cost more than old ones. However, there is an exception in the case of Vintage wedding cars. They hold a special place because of its rarity and history. It gives a nostalgic feeling of the era of 1919 and 1930.


The cost also depends on the miles that the car covers on that special day. Travelling 40 miles is a lot more than travelling 5 miles. So most companies include a standard mileage allowance in their wedding package.

A local wedding car near me

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