When you want to explore a new culture and be close to both the East and the West, Turkey is a perfect student destination. Study in Turkey also has an increasing academic reputation, apart from the perfect combination of European and Oriental influence, with new and old universities working to deliver competitive education to foreign students.

The report was prepared by the Directorate-General for the Management of Migration, which belongs to the Ministry of the Interior and is based on data collected from the Ministry of National Education (MEB), the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the Turks Abroad and Related Communities Administration.

In addition, Azerbaijan, Syria and Turkmenistan account for the largest proportion of foreign students who come to Turkey to study. However, students coming from Iran , Afghanistan, Iraq, Greece, and Kyrgyzstan are further diversified by the foreign population of students.

Why do students travel to Turkey to study abroad?

International Students’ Academic Center

A swarm of foreign students is presently hosting this Europe-Asia Crossroad destination. In the 2015-16 academic years , the number of foreign students in Turkey was exceptionally high. There are currently about 650,000 foreign students participating in miscellaneous study programmes in Turkey.

Opportunities for Scholarships

Approximately 5,000 scholarships are offered to students from over 160 countries every year. At present, the country has listed all official undergraduate, graduate and short-term scholarships for the 2019-2020 session.

Affordable living and research expenses

Turkey offers substantially smaller tuition fees and living costs relative to other foreign student destinations. Turkey’s metropolitan cities are not included in the most costly cities list, according to the 2013 global cost of living rankings. In addition, international students are authorised to provide work permits.

A Destination for Muslims

As a Muslim country , students in Turkey can access halal food and easily perform their religious rituals, which is not feasible in Western or European countries. Study in Turkey for Pakistani students, some Turkish cuisines such as Sis Kebab, Donor Kebab and sweets such as Turkish Delight are very familiar.

Universities High-Ranked

In Turkey, there are more than 200 universities, the bulk of which are public. Most of these institutions are relatively new, thereby having the most advanced educational strategies. In addition, the Bologna Agreement is affiliated with both public and private universities in Turkey. This initiative is a standard setter for degree programmes across Europe. Turkish universities are also active in the Erasmus+ initiative, so exchange programmes will also support students.

Amongst international students, the most famous Turkish universities

Study portals offer users the chance to subscribe to news about the universities in which they are most interested. In this way, at their favourite colleges, students get updated about the new deadlines and programmes. They help us to see, at the same time,-universities are most famous.

So here’s what’s hot in Turkey without further ado:

  1. University of Koc
  2. University of Economics of Izmir
  3. University of Yasar
  4. University of Sabanci
  5. University of Bilkent
  6. University of Bahcesehir
  7. University of Yeditepe
  8. Sehir University in Istanbul
  9. University of Ozyegin