If you are hosting a meeting online or running a webinar or video conference, a slide and polling software allows you to easily make it interactive and engage your audience. Even if you are hosting a meeting of a thousand team members, this software program can help in keeping transparency and accessibility alive.


Here, let us talk about a few benefits of using such software programs:


  • Such software can be helpful in engaging your audience and allowing them to interact, participate and share


  • It allows you to learn and understand more about your audience so that you can serve them better


  • It encourages participation from even the shyest of your audience and team members, as some of them may have very strong opinions or ideas, but they may be too shy to share them


  • It allows the audience to answer your questions and give their votes for particular surveys, etc.


  • It can reach a large number of audiences at a time, while at the same time allowing interaction from all


  • Polling through an audience polling software allows your audience to participate and interact in a much simpler and faster way


  • With this software working for you, you don’t need to assume what your audience wants or expects, as they are allowed to give their opinion themselves


  • It allows you to understand your audience’s needs in a better way so that you can adjust your strategy to meet their desires


Importance of Having Such Software

 Polling software increases engagement from the audience and allows them to give instant feedback. With live polls, you can make better decisions based on audience participation, response, and interaction. With good quality software, online polls can be created in seconds, and you can even see results in real-time as soon as your participants vote on an internet-connected device. Companies often make use of a live polling app to conduct meetings, and universities also use it to give lectures.


Qualities of a Good Software Program


The slide and polling software you choose should be comprehensive, interactive, and easy to use. It should be simple and functional and should support a variety of data presentations, including different types of slides, reports, graphs, poll objects and charts. It must allow you to sort the data based on a number of parameters, such as by date, by scores, by responses, etc.


EZ-Vote Connect from the house of Meridia Interactive Solutions is available free of cost, and you do not even need to obtain any license or subscription to start using it. It can be quickly connected with PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, and other platforms to enable live polling from the audience. If you want help using this software program, you can get support through their email, phone, or training videos.