Any sports lover or athlete begins their day by playing sports they love to play.  They have power-packed energy infused in their muscles to sustain for longer hours.  However, the time comes, when the glucose level in the body starts draining leaving them with less energy to continue. Here comes the crucial role of sports drinks with electrolytes content to recharge the body again.

Playing for prolonged hours with the same energy level is impossible as the body starts perspiring. It is a natural phenomenon that a warm body perspires more to maintain the temperature. Also, heavy sweating reduces glucose levels in the body and drains energy. If you think mineral water can recover your energy, you are wrong. You need energy supplements to replace the fluid inside the body.

The BDA Approach Of Consuming Sports Drinks
The sports drinks with electrolytes are consumed by the athletes to get instant energy to stay on the ground for longer.  The BDA approach means “before, during and after” consumption of sports drinks. It is advised that one should consume such drinks:

  • Before (B) the game starts or during the warm-up exercise
  • During (D) the game to maintain energy level. This will balance the glucose level in the body.
  • After (A) the sports come to an end.

This approach will make sure you are well-hydrated before when you head outdoors for your sports.

What do Sports Drinks do Inside Your Body?
Fruit juices with diluted water or normal water can only give you temporary relief during the game. When you sweat, the electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc. are lost rapidly. When your body needs an instant energy boost to continue, the sports drink will infuse your body with electrolytes.

These sports drinks are designed with such energy content that it replaces fluids necessary for gaining energy. It increases the sugar (glucose) in the blood flowing throughout the body. When you work hard physically, the muscles demand oxygen to stop contracting which gives you muscle pain.  Consuming sports drinks will supply muscles with the required oxygen to avoid muscle cramping and dehydration.

Energy Content Of A Hydrate Electrolyte Drink
It is suggested to choose sports drink over fitness water brands as it has fewer electrolyte levels. The sports drink has a high level of electrolyte as compared to any normal drink or energy bars.   If you want to stay hydrated, go for it.

Always look at the mineral content before buying a good sports drink. Use 1 serving with water and shake well. Use this after every one-two hours during the game to keep yourself hydrated and energetic. The content you need to check on the packet are:

  • Sodium-300mg
  • Carbohydrate 1g
  • Calcium 15 mg
  • Potassium 100mg
  • Magnesium 50mg
  • Chloride 150 mg

There should be no added sugar and fat (saturated and trance) along with these healthy mixtures.

Eat a light meal before you are ready to drench physically. Avoid choosing any ordinary sports drinks and switch to electrolyte drinks. They are energy-friendly.