I want to start by asking you two questions;

The first one is, what do you think is the most lucrative profession in the world?

What is your answer going to be? Is it a teacher, a doctor, a scientist? All of these are professions that help in shaping society for better, yet they are not the most profitable income-wise.

The answer can be found in the business spectrum. Amongst the wealthiest personalities in the world, you would only find business moguls, no teacher and no scientists, unfortunately.

Now, for the second question, which area do you think is crucial for the development of each profession?

I’ll give you a few hints;

  • Teachers use smart boards and projectors for the better understanding of students;
  • Scientists use all kinds of paraphernalia to make science work in their favour;
  • Businesspeople use all types of software and hardware to make their operations run smoothly;

Is there is a commonality between all of these?

Yes, there is, and it is technology. Technology has been helping us in doing better, performing better and improving our quality of life.

Now, imagine how much you can achieve by combining these two formidable forces. Yes, the rewards are going to be something out of this world.

I did the same, and I am here to share my story.

The business Idea

I loved shopping ever since I was a child. I think my love came about from my mother, who would take me on shopping sprees every week and frankly speaking it used to the highlight of my week.

However, my body shape is not the standard kind. I do not have that perfect model-like lean physique, and neither do have the Kim Kardashian hour-glass figure.

So, finding clothes for me that fit my body perfectly and compliment me was difficult while window shopping.

Imagine what it would be for me if I were to shop online. The models, who showcase the clothing, make everything look more than appealing. However, when the outfit comes home, and I try the same with high hopes, all of them are crushed, and I am utterly disappointed.

I have had not a single experience with online shopping that made me happy and keep the clothing, shoes-yes, but apparel, no.

So, this gave me an idea. What if there was an application that could make the online shopping experience healthy for people like me, whose body did not fall into that standard category?

I had to find an answer.

Making Technology Work It

My business idea entirely depended on technology. Having a degree in computer science, I knew how to work with software designing.

My idea was to develop an application that would feature the customer as the model.

It may sound strange, but it is not. I aimed to design software that would take into account the shape of the customer’s actual body.

And whatever clothes, he/she would like; they could try it on their body and see if the clothing accentuate their right side and looks terrible on them.

The app would do this by taking the measurements of the customer’s body shape and build a virtual replica of the same. This way, the problem of ordering the wrong size will automatically not be an issue.

Because the client would be able to try and see the appearance of the clothing on the app itself, the probability of returns would also be reduced.

Do you also see how competent my brain cells are at problem-solving?

Getting Help

I had taken non guarantor loans to kick-start the development process. The loan had given me enough money to buy software that could help me in building my own.

A few months into development, I knew this wasn’t going to be a one-person job. So, I hired a techie to help me in brainstorming ways to make my idea work.

Let me tell you the progress we made in the week after hiring him. I had not been able to do it that in months. And I was super glad.

My app is almost complete.

The virtual body is going to be a replica of your own body. Trust me. I have tried it so many times and on so many people.

I have a contract with local vendors who are willing to work with me and supply clothing articles according to the needs of the clients.

The final touches on the app will be done in a few weeks, and then we will be ready for business.

Winding Up

I had to quit my job to devote my full attention to my business idea. I have had to take doorstep loans near me to help me in paying for the fixed expenses of a developing business idea.

I have high hopes in my app. And I cannot wait to share it with you. And it all became possible because of technology and all it provided me.