The job of an HR professional is now a lot more complicated than it was in the past. Previously, finding a candidate for a job opening meant looking at the fit between the candidate’s work experience and educational qualifications, and the requirements of the job at hand.

The times have changed, though. Progressive HR teams look not just at the fit with the current job opening, but also at:

  • A fit with future job roles in the organization
  • A cultural fit

And this is precisely where the discipline of Talent Management comes in! broadly speaking, it is the strategy followed by the organization seeking to attract, recruit, retain, and develop its people. It is not a new or a separate discipline as such; it is just a category of HR responsibilities that is increasingly becoming important.

Why should you look at the Talent Management Institute?

To expand your professional impact and leadership influence in the industry, the best choice would be to opt for Talent Management credentialing from the Talent Management Institute (TMI). A must for HR professionals looking to grow their careers in Talent Management, TMI credentials are sought by numerous HR aspirants and professionals across the world.

Talent Management is a critical component of organizational growth and excellence, and TMI has worked tirelessly to bring about this realization in organizations. Talent Management must be at the core of HR policies, and TMI standards and frameworks are designed to help CHROs reach that goal efficiently and effectively.

How has TMI helped to reboot Talent Management?

TMI has played a key role in bringing Talent Management to the forefront in organizations across the world. The following points explain its contribution:

  • Making Talent Management an integral component of HR: TMI’s standards and credentials look to stagger Talent Management across departments, making all managers responsible for building a talent-focused organization. TMI also looks to create enablers who convert employees into talents across the organization, and TMI-certified professionals work to connect Talent Management to the business and strategy of the organization.
  • Bringing about the realization that Talent Management adds value: TMI works to transform the conventional mindset of HR, seeking to make it realize how Talent Management is a valuable investment for the future of the business. The TMI credentialing framework, standards, and certifications look to make organizations adopt a differentiated people-management approach that converts their workforces into thriving talent pools contributing to long-term sustainability and added value for stakeholders.
  • Improving the talent in an organization: Future performance is directly dependent on the competence of the talent pool, and TMI works to improve this competence. TMI credentials and standards help to create a powerful system where organizations can conveniently and systematically transform their workforces into talents.
  • The gold standard of Talent Management credentialing: TMI’s credentials are the gold standard when it comes to HR professionals looking to achieve more in their careers and jobs through Talent Management. These are founded on the premiere TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™) and are extremely reliable validations of competence and capabilities needed by HR professionals.
  • Creating a robust body of knowledge: The TMI-UKF™ contains principles, practices, frameworks, and standards on professional skills, all of which are prerequisites for excellence in practicing Talent Management. The world’s first Talent Management knowledge framework, it also paved the way for the comprehensive TMI Talent Management Body of Knowledge (TMI-TMBoK™), the world’s most exhaustive documentation of knowledge critical for Talent Management professionals and practitioners.
  • Unique international academic exposure in Talent Management: another of the groundbreaking achievements of TMI is creating the opportunity for global leaders to experience the academic environs of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. TMI-Wharton programs look to create a superior league of transformational talent and HR leaders. Participants are prepared to advance from HR leadership roles to strategic and business-led initiatives.