Most of the people may not be aware of the services of emergency tree removal. The emergency tree removal service is the service provider which will remove the tree that has fallen due to any natural disasters, diseased trees, and disturbing trees and so on. They are providing their services even late at night and early in the morning. When you make a call, someone will pick up the call and answer your questions. The following are the situations where you are allowed to call the emergency tree removal service.

Fallen tree

If any tree has fallen in your residential area or any neighboring area, you can call the emergency tree removal service. You can also make a call to the service provider when the tree has fallen in the safe area and doesn’t cause any damage to your properties like a car, mailbox, and home gardens. Whenever you have crossed with an unstable tree, you can call the tree removal service.

After Storms and Heavy Rains

Once after the heavy storms and rains have stopped, you have to check all trees from a safe distance. This is because; you cannot predict when the tree will fall after storms and heavy rains. If you find any tree is unstable, call an emergency tree removal service provider.

You have to also check for the leaning tree trunks, two trees leaning against each other, check for broken branches and trees that are affected with a lightning strike. All these conditions will occur after the heavy storms and rains. You have to check that no branches of the trees are touching or close to the transmission lines. This is because; it will cause more disastrous conditions.

Sick Trees

If you find any trees with peeling bark, dead branches, yellowed leaves, fungus or carpenter ants, you can ask the help from tree removal service. This is because these trees are needed for additional care and the trees can fail at any moment especially during adverse climate changes.

Thus, therefore, before you are going to make a call for the tree removal service providers make sure that the trees are facing the above-mentioned problems. You have to provide the correct location of trees to avoid the late arrival.