With the Cash App, you have the ability to spend your funds using your balance and the card.

The Cash App Card gives you the option to use your funds before receiving your physical card, add your card to your digital wallet, and shop quickly and easily.

Access your virtual card

Once you order a Cash App Card, and before it arrives in the mail, you can get access to your funds using the Virtual Cash app card. Virtual cards can also be added to Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

You can also view the complete PAN (card number) of your virtual card which allows you to use it for online shopping, and is paid manually while waiting for your physical card.

To access your virtual cash card from the cash app card app:

Tap on the three horizontal lines> Balance> cash Card.

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You will see the last 4 digits of the virtual card at the top.

If you want to hide virtual card information from your Cash app card, you can do so by turning off show card information.

Note: Once you order a Cash app card, and access the Virtual Cash card, your transfers are automatically switched to manual transfers – your funds will be stored in your Cash app card Balance, which is physical, or Can be accessed using the virtual cash app card, or. If you have chosen to transfer funds to your linked bank account.

View virtual cards from your online Cash app Dashboard

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To view virtual card information from your online Cash app Dashboard:

Navigate to your online Cash app Dashboard, Balance> Cash app card> Card Management.

Select three horizontal points> Show Card Information.

A confirmation code will be sent to the cash app cardholder’s email address for verification.

Enter the confirmation code, and click Next. If you have not emailed, make sure to check your spam folders. You can also resend the email by clicking on Resend email.

The card information will now be displayed on the virtual card on the screen.

To hide virtual card information, click Three horizontal dots> Hide card information.

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What is a digital wallet?

It is available digitally on your debit card, your phone. Digital wallets securely store your credit and debit card information on your device (smartphone, smartwatch, and tablet). When you add your Cash app card to your digital wallet (Wallet in iOS for Apple Pay, and Google Pay in Android), you can shop without your physical plastic card, personalizing your phone in NFC-enabled terminals By tapping for payments, or in-app and online on your device.

Note: This will be available only after receiving and activating your cash app card.

Note: Tablets are not supported. Digital wallets are available only on smartphones.

Add your Cash app card to Apple Pay

Navigate to the Balance tab of your Cash app card app.

Select Cash app card> Add to Apple Pay.

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Big pay

Add your Cash app card to Google Pay

Navigate to the Balance tab of your Cash app card app on your phone.

Select Cash app card> Add to Google Pay.

Use your digital wallet

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You will be able to use your digital wallet to pay using your Cash app card.

In-stores: You can keep your phone up to an in-store terminal instead of swiping your cash app card, and your digital wallet will automatically launch. You will then be able to complete the payment using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Online: When shopping online, some sites allow you to select your digital wallet as your payment option instead of entering your card information.

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In-App: You can use your digital wallet for in-app purchases and pay easily on the go.

Note: If your cash app card is not your default digital card, you must select it from the list before confirming the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the answers to the most frequently asked questions about adding a cash app card to a digital wallet.

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Can I add my cash app card by entering a 16 digit number directly into my digital wallet?

No, you need to add your Cash app card to your digital wallet from the Cash app card app.

I have tried to use my digital wallet, but the cash app card has not arrived. How can I be the default card to appear?

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If you have added other cards to your digital wallet before adding the cash app card card, you will need to place and drag it over the card to make it your default card. If you do not want to make this your default card, choose the cash app card image from the list when making the payment.

What is the billing address related to my digital wallet card?

Apple lets you choose your billing address. This is not required for your physical card, which you can see in the Cash app card app under the billing address.

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Google will use the file with your device. If that does not work, it will try to use your billing address for the physical billing card which you can see under the billing address in the Cash app card app. Otherwise, you will be asked to enter your address when making a payment with Google Pay.

What is a device account number?

When Apple or Google enable a physical card for digital wallet use, they replace the physical card’s primary account number (or PAN, a 16-digit number on the card) with a series of randomly generated numbers. These tokens are used to process payments without sharing bank account details.

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I added my card to Apple Pay / Google Pay. Why does it still remain in Apple Pay / Add to Google Pay?

If you can see your cash app card in your digital wallet, then you can ignore this message.

Will my Cash app card Community rebate apply even when I use Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Yes. 2.75% instant discount will still apply when using your Cash app card at other Cash app card vendors.

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How long do I have after successfully adding my card to Apple Pay / Google Pay to be ready to use in Apple Wallet?

The Cash app card is generally ready to use on Apple Pay within 5 minutes, and is quick with Google Pay.

Access your virtual card

Add your Cash app card to Apple Pay

Add your Cash app card to Google Pay

Use your digital wallet