You might be aware that when it comes to immigrating to another country, Australia always tops the bucket list. After exploring online, you’ll find that Australian Government provides the immigrants with a wide range of choices so that they can choose the best one, meeting their needs. So, apply for Australia Permanent Residency in 2020 and unlock your dreams, and let them fly high in the sky.

By getting a PR Visa, right in your hands, you can easily move to Australia without any hitch. After residing there for 5 years, you can apply for Australian Citizenship. The unmatched support that this country provides to any of the skilled worker from overseas is beyond comparison.

How to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa in 2020

Now, Gain an Insight into the Benefits of Australia PR Visa

If you’ve got your PR Visa card in hand, you can move to this paradise hassle-free and can apply for Australian citizenship after 5 years. The benefits that you get are as follows:

  • Live and Travel anywhere you want within Australia
  • Opportunity to apply for Government Jobs
  • Pursue higher education, if you want to (Taking an education loan is easy)
  • Get the social security benefits after residing there for 2 years
  • Allowed to sponsor your relatives if they meet certain requirements

Climb the 8-Step Ladder to Get Australia Permanent Residency in 2020

Getting an Australian PR Visa right in your hands, is not an easy fish to catch. However, if you follow the steps correctly, you can easily get the Australia PR without any hitch. So, get ready and follow the process given below:

Step-1: You need to check your eligibility Requirements

Checking your eligibility requirements is the first step, that you need to climb in order to get a PR. Under this, check if you’re eligible or not, validate whether your occupation is in the demand list or not and catch the sight of the points that whether your points are enough to get into the whole immigration process.

Step-2: Language Dexterity Tests

As per this, you need to check whether you passed the English proficiency test with flying colours or not. Surprisingly, the Australian immigration authorities accepts scores from various English ability tests such IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc. So, you can give test and get the requires scores.

Step-3: Get Your Skilled Assessments Done

As per this step, get your skills assessment done, and assess your skills and see whether your skills meet the Australian standards or not.

Step-4: Register Your EOI (Expression of Interest)

The next step in the Australia PR Visa Process is registering your EOI on Australia’s skilled set website. This skill set program offers three visa categories that you can apply under:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa 190
  3. Skilled (Regional) Subclass 491

The first two are the permanent visa and the third one is a temporary one, that is valid till 5 years, and can be later converted into Australian PR Visa.

Step-5: Get Your ITA (Invitation to Apply)

You will receive an ITA, post submitting your application along with meeting all your requirements that are necessary for Australia’s PR Visa.

Step-6: Submit Your PR Application

After receiving your ITA, you’ve 60 days to submit your PR application to the concerned authorities. It’s necessary to include all your documents, including personal and work experience documents.

Step-7: Get your Clearance Certificates

The next step is to provide the concerned authorities with the PCC and the medical certificate, to possess that you’re in good health and have no past criminal records.

Step-8:  Get Your PR Visa

After following the above 7 ladders, now, you’ll your PR application, that will unleash your potential and help you fulfil your dreams.

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