When you have a holiday home for rent, your top priority is to ensure that you have as many bookings as you are allowed to have. Some property owners want to attract the same type of guests, while others like to cater to different renters because they want to know different types of people, even if they are from the same country.

But if you are after additional revenue, you might want to exercise your creativity so your holiday home can appeal to different types of short-term guests.

Ways to attract different types of holidaymakers

Even if you only have one holiday home to let, it is possible to make your home attractive to different guests. Here are some tips.

  • Families with young children. Parents will be looking for a holiday home to provide them with a comfortable and safe home where everyone will be entertained. Your rental should have plenty of space so that the children can play outside. There should be multiple bathrooms, a large kitchen/dining area and different spaces for relaxing. Having link and zip beds will give the renters flexible sleeping arrangements. A hot tub or swimming pool is a good addition. Also, your home should be childproofed.
  • They will be looking for a romantic getaway. You can attract them by creating the proper romantic ambience. Your house should have a king-size bed, a hot tub, and a log-burning fireplace. Increase the appeal by providing a romantic welcome basket, spa essentials for a bath or probably allow a later checkout. You can up the ante by finding romantic places around your holiday home, such as a romantic restaurant, private chef, boat trip or wine tasting.
  • Large groups.If you have large country houses to rent for weekends, ensure that the holiday house is suitable for large group accommodation and activities. You may have to think about the specific type of large group you want to attract since you will be providing more amenities to the group. Of course, you can specify the maximum number of people that your house can accommodate. You will have to provide different types of sleeping arrangements, which should also be flexible. Therefore, you need an assortment of bunk beds, cots, single beds and double beds. Your kitchen should be large, and the dining area should provide enough chairs. The house should have multiple bathrooms to prevent long queues, ample parking spaces. You need to ensure that each bedroom has multi-socket chargers. Build relationships with other businesses around your home. Recommend restaurants, cafés, shopping areas and other places where they can have group activities. Check if these businesses can provide discounts to your guests.
  • Cultural enthusiasts. If your holiday home is located in a culturally rich area, make this your selling point. Find out about cultural tours, food tasting, arts and crafts, flea markets, and other activities that will appeal to them.

Know the local lifestyle, features and businesses in the area where your holiday home is located, and find out what features you can highlight and use to attract guests. It is understood that your home should be equipped to cater to the renter’s preferences.