AWS Partner Network (APN) is presently the most reliable solution for AWS customers to find reliable solutions and services. It is a global partner program tailored for technology and consulting businesses which want to leverage AWS for building customer-centric solutions and services. APN is the ideal platform for companies fordevelopment, marketing and selling their AWS solutions through the facility of reliable business, marketing and technical support.So, what exactly is an AWS Consulting Partner and how to become one?

Significance of APN Consulting Partners

Presently, there are multiple APN partners worldwide, and interestingly, over 90% of Fortune 100 companies use APN Partner solutions and services. There are two major categories of APN partners such as APN Consulting Partners and APN Technology Partners. APN Technology Partners provide IaaS solutions hosted on the AWS Cloudsuch as hardware, software solutions or connectivity services.

On the other hand, APN Consulting Partners are basically professional services companies that help customers with designing, architecture, development, migration and management of AWS workloads and applications. APN Consulting partners include managed service providers, strategic consultancies, value-added resellers and system integrators.

Reasons to Become APN Consulting Partner

The massive opportunities in the role of APN Consulting Partner create potential demand for information on processes to become an AWS consulting partner. Here are some of the notable benefits for APN consulting partners to drive the motivation of readers further.

  • You can get access to APN resources for building your AWS consulting business.
  • Access to APN Programscan help you market and sell your solutions through APN.
  • APN marketing resources can help consultants promote their business widely.
  • Finally, the AWS partner network provides funding for resources to ensure development, marketing and sales with APN.

Important Requirements for becoming an APN Consulting Partner

Therefore, you can clearly notice that APN provides all the necessary support to start off as an AWS Consulting Partner. However, you need to fulfil the knowledge and experience requirements before you decide to become an APN Consulting partner.

The knowledge requirements for an APN Consulting Partner include an emphasis on a number of accredited individuals, AWS Foundational Certified individuals and AWS Technical Certified individuals. For APN Select tier, you must have at least 2 technical and 2 business professionals. There should be two AWS Foundational Certified individuals and AWS Technical certified individuals.

For the APN Advanced tier, you must have at least 4 technical and two business professionals. In addition, you must have four AWS Foundational Certified individuals and 6 certified technical individuals.At least three of the certified technical individuals must have professional or speciality certifications.

In the case of APN Premier Tier, you would need at least 10 technical and ten business professionals. In addition, there should be 10 AWS Foundational Certified individuals. Furthermore, you should ensure that there are at least 25 AWS Technical Certified individuals. Make sure that at least 10 of them have professional or speciality certifications.

Are You Ready to Become an AWS Consulting Partner?

So, how should you get started? First of all register with the AWS Partner Network and obtain your APN Partner Central credentials. These credentials would then help you access prolific training, best practices, webcasts, whitepapers and other learning resources. You can follow the resources and guidance on APN for qualifying the criteria for each tier of APN. As you develop your skills and the number of certified professionals, you can gradually advance to higher tiers. Start your research and dig deeper to become an AWS Consulting Partner right now!