Messenger marketing is on the rise, with dedicated messaging apps opening doors for companies to use them as a way of interaction, promotions and payments. What more is in store?

In the simplest sense, messaging apps have completely changed the face of communication between people. The fact that it is so convenient makes it all the more appealing, and it is not wrong to say how deeply entwined it has become with our lives.

Apart from social interactions, conversations related to business have also made way of texting, and this is where the world has truly opened up to the expression of everything with a simple text or detailed texts.

With people in their homes, possibly for considerably more time, instant messaging apps have presented themselves as great contenders for the marketing objectives of different companies around the world.

Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber. These are a few names that have made it huge in terms of instant messaging. With a lot more players in the game however, it is safe to say that we are now living in changed times.

Online marketers, therefore, are taking note of these messaging apps and the technology behind them to engage and interact with their target audience. More so in the case of companies involved in online retail sales and e-commerce.

Every kind of research is showing only an upward trend in the use of messaging apps, and it will be continuing for a long time to come. This is reason enough for companies to incorporate messenger marketing into their marketing strategy to fetch positive results.

Messaging That’s Market- Friendly
Messaging apps today come loaded with features that can be used by online marketers for their advantage.

Here are some of such features which can be combined with the marketing strategy for some amazing results and market penetration-

1- The Use of Bots to Make Shopping a Breeze

Facebook Messenger for Business enables businesses to connect with their customers through the app itself. The app gives the customers an option if they wish to get regular updates of their orders. Customers too, can directly connect with the retailers to get information on their products and get a timely reply on the same.

The use of bot technology, therefore, is something that will give a vital boost to the company’s marketing plans and ambitions.

2- Checkouts Can Be Made Easy Through Payments with Messaging Apps

SnapChat was one of the first apps to bring a virtual wallet app to the fore, by the name of Snapcash. The app allowed users to store their card details on SnapChat and send money to family and friends by just sending a message.

Facebook too, integrated payment features into Messenger in the year 2015, and this has today become a great way to market businesses as well. Obviously, if the payment procedures are hassle-free and translate into more users, this is something that needs to be highlighted by businesses.

3- Messaging Apps for Promotions, Contests and Other Such Things

Hitting the customers repeatedly without frustrating them is what companies are becoming really good at with every passing day. Text message marketing has turned out to be a way that needs to be there in the marketing strategy for any business.

With people getting more and more social with apps, businesses can use simple texts to send offers, deals, contests, freebies, and coupon codes to make more and more people resonate with the brand, helping with the revenue and growth.

To sum it all up, it is not going to be enough for a company to market itself only through a website and reaching out to prospective clients with cold calls. The time to wait for customers is long gone, and it is more important than ever to reach out to them on apps where they keep hanging out the most.

And social media apps, of course, are the answer to that. With the popularity of these apps only to grow, businesses should focus intently on their social networking app development and reach out to the masses, far and wide.

With Consagous Technologies, this app development will be much easier and free of hassle.

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