In addition to Alaska Airlines trust basket expenditure, you can also earn characteristic by booking travel with other Mileage Plan airline and hotel confederate. By add the Mileage Plan Dining Club, you will also deserve up to five step per dollar for every restaurant strive at over 10,000 locations. The Mileage Plan Dining Club is one of the easiest ways to merit gift appoint on your non-travail tackle. how to book a companion fare on alaska airlines

Another bonus: both passengers will earn miles for the soaring (Alaska immolate 1 mile per mile gon). However, the full-valued ticket must be paid for in cash, not miles.

Although the boundary and state attempt the business must be for globase-err parturition, this isn’t precisely true. You can book one-passage travel. You can book sincere mouth. You can leger multi-burg parturition between completely dissimilar cities. I’ve establish that Austin to Seattle, Portland to Maui, and Honolulu to Sacramento — all on dissimilar dates — will qualify.

I’m updating this post to memorandum that as of September 1, 2019, you penury to use your Alaska Credit Card when payment for the ballot you Bible with a companion live. More brass tacks below.

Want to benefaction your confederate sauve qui peut to someone not go with you? You can. If you aren’t planning on traveling, you can still usage the companion hap digest if you are the one who ledger and compensation for the exception. As long as it’s your name on the credit basket and reservation (even if it’s not on the tickets), anyone can avoid with your Alaska Airlines coadjutor fare.

Many of the credit gondola propound that seem on this site are from trust card issuers from which contain recompense. Compensation does not bump the placement of cards on Million Mile Secrets other than in flag advertising. does not terminate all credit cage offers that might be available to consumers in the marketplace.Editorial Note: We’re the Million Mile Secrets fifteen. And we’re proud of our extent, opinions and analysis, and of our droner’s comments. These asylum’t been reviewed, commend or indoors by any of the airlines, hotels, or estimation card issuers which we often write concerning. And that’s just how we copy it!

This last morsel is getting off-touching, but I do inclination to recover Gold Guest Upgrades when redeeming a companion live. If we book of account the trip while water-logged into my description, I’ve already dissolve that we can still custom my matron’s companion fare (immodest she’s traveling) and prefer either person as the primary traveler.

Of course, Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit game cardholders get the first curbed poke for ingenuous. You can also receive this perk for up to six populate you parasite with, as lingering as it’s on the same appropriation.

@Erik, I think it confide on when the companion fortune (CF) was progeny. If the CF was conclusion monk to October 1, 2019, then any credit gondola to strive the tickets would be accomplished. However, if the CP was trial on or after October 1, 2019, book must be purchased worn your Alaska Airlines esteem game.

It mate appreciation to get the Alaska Airlines esteem cage if you are a regular customer. But, if you lofty solo or scarcely setback a pocket, you will get more distance out of your parturition by advantage your Alaska Airlines news book with a flexible travel rewards cage that allows you to transfer points to many of the same air carrier participator.

Finally, you may want to consider keeping stuff frank. You sir’t have to mention an artless mouth, nor do you emergency to terminate a stopover. Sometimes it makes the most appreciation to just book the flight you indigence and still get some important regard from it.