Pokémon Home is one of the most played Pokémon sequel worldwide that provides various features to its users such as Pokémon trading and moving creatures between various compatible Pokémon games.  Apart from these dynamic features, players are eligible to avail of some interesting features such as National Pokedex, Mystery Gifts, Judge Pokémon, Room Features and Battle news.

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Gamers can avail of these services and can perform trade with another friend and trainer. There are some premium features in Pokémon  Home and can be accessed by getting its premium subscription. The users are automatically transfers and eligible for getting its renewal if he is already a member of the Pokémon Go subscription.

Sometimes, you need not take further subscription and desires to cancel the existing one. Follow these steps for cancelling your Pokémon  Home subscription with ease:

Cancelling Premium Pokémon  Subscription

Users can cancel their existing premium subscriptions of Pokémon Home from the same edition from where they have previously purchased it.

If the subscription expires, then users can only move thirty Pokémon to other games. For transferring more creatures, they need to renew their subscription package instantly. If you are satisfied with one box having the limit of only 30 Pokémon, then you can apply for cancellation of the subscription.

Cancelling Subscription via Smartphone

  • First and foremost, launch Pokémon Home on your smartphone.
  • After that, hit the screen to expand the Start menu.
  • Next, hit the menu icon located at the lowermost portion of your device’s screen.
  • Then, tap on the “Options” buttons.
  • Now, you will be taken to a new page of the Accounts section. Then, tap on “Check Plan” option there.
  • Choose “Manage Plan Renewal” option there.
  • After that, you will be brought to the App Store for managing your Premium subscription. You have to choose the “Cancel Subscription” option.

Cancelling Subscription via Nintendo Switch

  • Navigate to the main menu of Nintendo Switch and hit the option “Nintendo eShop.”
  • In more than one account exists there, then select the best-matched that you have used during the purchase of the “Pokémon  Home” subscription.
  • Now, hit the user icon situated at the top-right edge of your window.
  • Next, scroll your page towards downward to get the option “Your Subscriptions.”
  • Then, choose the option “Turn Off Automatic Renewal” present at the right-hand side of your device screen.

Note: If the automatic renewal option is not showing on your device, then it might be disabled already, or you have not logged into the account for the same cause.

  • Now, choose the option of “Turn off” for deactivating the automatic renewal feature. It will ask for the period on how long you wish to continue the existing service.
  • Then you have to provide your desired time for the subscription service that is using.

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