It is pleasant to drink a glass of cold juice or plain water in hot weather. Exactly the same pleasure is delivered by a sip of hot tea in winter. A best thermos for coffee is a simple but ingenious invention that allows you to travel more comfortably and for some time not to worry about food and drinks, as well as maintaining their temperature.

Buying the wrong  thermos for coffee will lead not so much to unpleasant financial expenses, but to unexpected situations that may arise during a trip or a simple trip out of town. In this article, we will consider all types of best thermos for coffee flasks, as well as give some recommendations for choosing and pay attention to some little things.

Types of best thermos for coffee

We are used to the fact that best thermos for coffee are used mainly to keep the temperature of drinks in the state we need. In fact, the functionality of such devices is much higher, so they are divided into:

Best thermos for coffee for drinks. As a rule, these are tall vessels with a narrow neck for easy pouring of liquid into cups. Most often they have a two-level closure system: first, a sealed stopper with low thermal conductivity is screwed on, and then a special lid is put on top, which can be used as a drinking vessel.

Best thermos for coffee for food. In this case, the cylinder diameter is larger, and the best thermos for coffee itself is lower. Has a wide mouth for easier access to food. In such vessels, you can carry both your mother’s soup with you, or fill them to the top with meatballs. However, they also do an excellent job of storing drinking liquids, but their convenience is somewhat reduced.

There are also food best thermos for coffee in the form of boxes, small pots and tanks

Universal best thermos for coffee. Something in between best thermos for coffee for drinks and food. Most often, the secret of such devices lies in their universal plug: if you unscrew it completely, you can get access to the food of the gods (after all, this is exactly what your wife prepares). If you do not unscrew the plug to the end, or, less often, press a special valve on it, then with such a system you can pour liquid into cups.

Very convenient to carry food or tea with you to work, but retain heat worse than specialized best thermos for coffee, so they are not very suitable for long trips or travel

Thermo mugs. This is a kind of miniature best thermos for coffee for those who do not need to carry a large amount of drinks with them. They are perfect for going to the office, the bosses of which save on coffee and gingerbread for subordinates. You can also go out of town with them in the evening to admire the beautiful sunset in the clubs of the city smog. They will keep the temperature for several hours. The main advantage is that they can literally be used as a mug: they have a handle and are easy to drink from them