To make an image adorable or completely ruin it, just one detail is enough, and it can become fashionable jewelry, which is incorrectly selected for the neckline of the outfit. A simple cheat sheet will help you avoid a fatal mistake and tell you how to complement a luxurious dress, an elegant tunic or a strict blouse.

The boat neckline is eye-catching with an elegant finish so it looks great without embellishments. However, a thin long chain or several long rows of light beads will perfectly fit into the image.

V-neck. Such a neckline itself looks elegant and self-sufficient, but you can make it more original by complementing it with a neat Y-shaped decoration: thin chains, a thread of small pearls or rhinestones, a pendant-pendant that makes a playful accent on the neckline. A mistake, in this case, would be the use of massive, lurid decorations. Choosing between style beads and no accessories, opt for the second option. | Buy Imitation Jewelry Online-Indian Artificial Jewelry

The U-neck takes on a special charm if you decorate it with intricate multi-row choker necklaces, pendant necklaces, and beads. Massive costume jewelry, launched along the cut line, and even a cascade of jewelry of different lengths look spectacular. The main thing is not to get carried away and not cross the line between originality and bad taste.

The round neckline allows you to use a fairly large number of jewelry: a classic pearl thread, a massive collar, a collar necklace, short and long beads tied with a careless knot on the chest. The main thing here is to maintain style unity and choose harmonious colors.

The square neckline looks impressive and elegant even without jewelry, but if you still want to compliment the outfit with jewelry, choose a necklace with large elements of a clear geometric shape or short beads. The main condition: the decoration should not go beyond the cut line. If you don’t have a matching necklace, complement the outfit with large earrings. In some cases, this combination will look even more advantageous.

High neck. Turtlenecks and high-necked dresses open up room for imagination, as this silhouette perfectly combines classic necklaces and beads, and stylish jewelry in original shapes and colors. When choosing long beads, experiment with multiple rows, focusing on the chest or neck.

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Cut on the back. Do you want to be irresistible and memorable? A dress with an open back will help achieve the desired effect, and the finishing touch will be a thin chain with a massive pendant or medium-sized beads that go down to the bottom edge of the neckline.

And remember that there is always a place for an impromptu, so do not limit yourself with rules if there is an opportunity to create a truly delightful and unusual image. An online jewelry store will help you choose cheap women jewelry online so that you can bring any idea to life and surprise those around you with an amazing collection of jewelry.